Strings inside matrix editor on 50g

Anyone know if its possible to add strings to a column inside the matrix writer on the 50g? I get a bad argument type error.

I'm trying to build a primitive database system for the 50g Which allows simple key value pair lookups by name and vice versa.

Failing that I'll implement a dictionary/hash table lisp-style with lists ( unless anyone is aware of a better solution).

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Hello Chris,

The only possibility i see: is to enter variable-names which are single-quoted as matrix-elements.

for example: 'NoChance', 'whatXeverXyouXwant' or like that, but don't begin with a number and a underscore isn't possible either.



"Anyone know if its possible to add strings to a column inside the matrix writer on the 50g?"

Yes you can. Set the flag 91

This allows MTWR to work with list of list and that seems perfect for your purpose.

So you can enter not only strings but all kinds of objects with the matrix writer (including other lists).

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Fantastic! That did exactly what I was hoping for.

Thanks for your help.

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