Thanks to Steve, Dale Richmond, and Alain

I want to thank Steve (Australia), Dale Richmond, and Alain (Canada) for keeping my HP 9114B disk drives in functioning order.

Since 1984, the HP-71B has been my most important calculating tool, and I have written scores of programs for it connected to my interests and work. While I keep these programs on magnetic cards, I am not at ease unless I can access them from floppy disks as well, using the 9114B drive. Recently I began to feel that both of my drives were dying. But Steve, Dale, and Alain on this Forum have come to my rescue.

Steve's beautiful article on Repairs for the 9114 allowed me to fix a stuck ejection mechanism on one of the drives.

Dale Richmond showed me in a posting that I could by-pass a dead battery pack and power a 9114B with a Radio Shack AC adapter, part number 273-1695. I am now doing that with complete success.

Alain showed me how to replace the dead battery in a 9114B battery pack with the part number SLA0902. That too will soon be done.

Thanks to all of you -- and to the HP Forum -- for keeping my HP-71B system alive and healthy!


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