OT: Happy Pi Day!

I have pi memorized as 3.141592653589793. It used to be 35. How many digits do you know?

Happy Pi Day! (March 14)



In two years the Pi day will be a bit more, uhm, shall we say, significant.




Hi, Eddie:

I have pi memorized as 3.141592653589793. It used to be 35. How many digits do you know?



that's 41 digits in all (as in "HP-41").

Best regards from V.


Way back when I was in school and we had pi digits on a banner over the dry erase board in the mathlab where I tutored/studied. A fellow engineering student and I mememorized quite a few digits. I always felt proud that I could recite more digits than either of my abandoned graphing calculators would display...

Here goes without looking... 3.1415926535897932384626433

My friend who was doing a dual math/computer engineering major memorized more digits than me but he was also a bigger nerd...


More than 30 years ago I had a table with the first 1000 (or 10000?) digits of Pi, calculated by some IBM mainframe back in the Fifties. I used to memorize about 100 digits. Today it's more like 40 decimals (up to ...50288 41971). Still enough for most everyday problems, e.g. checking the 34s double precision value. ;-)



A mere six digits. It used to be about thirty, but having three children ruined that part of my brain.

To be honest though, as an "apathetic pragmatist", if I've had to do anything with Pi by hand, I can't be bothered to use any more digits. To be even more honest, 3.14 is pushing it before I grab a calculator these days.


In my fictional book (on Amazon Kindle) "Long Time Ago When I was Freud", there is a scene at the apartment of Einstein in Bern, Switzerland. I had taken my son to visit there. We run into a very smart Indian lady (who is really a math/stat genius using her talents to be a most sinister econo-terrorist) who challenges my son to quote as many digit of pie as she can. She quotes the first ten decimals and claims to know the next ten decimals. I thought mentioning the decimals of pie would be an interesting thing in the book.



.. most sinister econo-terrorist ...

Now I have to read that book. :-)

Namir, how many digits does PIE have?

Now that's easy as pie!


Darn spell check!

Edited: 14 Mar 2013, 12:16 p.m.


PIE has one digit ... O ... :-)


It's available on Amazon for the Kindle. The two plots in the book are original ideas of mine!


'The Joy of Pi' is a fun book, contains the first million digits and many interesting facts about the number of digits people have memorized. People have even written novels where the number of letters in each word in sequence follows Pi. Amazing stuff. Anybody want to guess the number of digits the current record holder has memorized?

I find I can "handle" PIE with three digits (without silverware).


I saw some show a while back about a savant who could recite over 22,000 digits of Pi.

Me, just 10.


Entirely from memory... 3.14159265358979323846264 is all I got. I have two ninth graders that learned this much in 7th grade. No big deal, but to remember it 2 years later? I was suitably impressed and congratulatory.

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