HP-50g How to store many equations - help needed

Hi all,
sorry, I haven't been here in ages because my new job and going to business school doesn't leave much time for anything else.

I need your help. My exam is on thursday and the 17bII+ I've stored my equations in died. I have a 50g I wanted to use in next year's exam, but now it seems I have to use it next week already. And I know almost nothing about that device.

I need to input all my equations quickly. To do so, I can either use TreeBrowserBuilder or Pequm but have difficulties with both programs.

TBB lets me create a structure and equations once and I can start TB and solve the equations. However, every time I exit TB the calculator freezes. The same thing happens when using TBED or TBNEW.

Pequm works, but equations are always solved for X and I often need the result of an equation, later. So if I for example solve equations for DBII and DBIII, with TBB I could later use those vars to calculate DBIII-DBII.
With Pequm instead of DBII and DBIII I'd get X and X and can't do further calculations with those variables. Is that true?

Which of those two problems is easier to solve? And how could I solve it?

Thanks a lot.

Timo, now slightly less panicking because being in good hands


Don't quite understand what your issue is with PEQUM.

I just looked at it for the first time in about a year or two. I installed the latest version. I made an equation called TEST that had the equation A^2+B+C=D.

When I solved it, it first popped up the equation in case any changes are needed, then brought up a solver where I could solve for A, B C or D.

When you exit, it asks if you want to leave the stack values or not.

If you leave them, they are sitting there labeled on the stack. If you don't, then you just open the EQUAT directory and all the variables are there.

If all you can solve is for X, is that because you only have X in your forumula???

That being said, the 50g may be a shotgun to kill mosquitos. It will do whatever you need, but it is very difficult to learn and get comfortable with in such a short amount of time. I'd recommend taking a look at the new quickstart guide which I made a few years back. It should help quite a bit I think.




I've emailed you the latest updates and will put them on my website at a later time.




Edited: 3 Mar 2013, 10:28 a.m.


Don't waste your precious time of only one week on a new calculator system. Go out and buy the same that you are used to as a replacement, so you won't suffer any problems during the exams.


I agree. However, I'd have to order it online and the risk of it not getting here in time is too big. There is no shop anywhere around that sells HP calculators.

On the other hand, it takes ages to input equations with the 17bII+. Andreas just wrote me about a way how to do it fast on the PC, so I might not lose that much time just using the 50g.


Thank you very much, Tim. It's working now. The problem wasn't "X" - I tried to solve for a variable I've called "L1" and the 50g doesn't seem to like that. When I change the variables' names from "L1", "L2" and so on to "X" or to "Lone", "Ltwo", etc. it will work.

I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't entered your A^2+B+C=D. So, thank you very much, again.

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