Warning: These are NOT Clonix!

Hi all,

Although my name is explicitly mentioned in these auctions I want to make clear that I have nothing to do with these devices.

Service 1



I have not built these fake Clonix modules, and by no means want to be related with the seller or the quality of such devices.

Auctions have already finished, but just to point it out to the unaware users: Paying 95Euro + 7.30 S&H when you can buy the "original Clonix" at 80Euro (includung registered shipping and warranty) is just nonsense... :-)

Cheers from Caribbean.

Diego Diaz.
eBay nick: Replycant.

Edited: 27 Feb 2013, 2:08 p.m.


After the trouble that Emmanual Compes (E30_RTN) has made for many (including me), I am surprised that he still has bidders for his items.

BTW, Diego Diaz's Clonix devices (including the NoVRAM and NoV-32 devices) work perfectly as HP Service Modules. I have HP-41C and Printer service modules but lacked the actual HP-41CV/CX service module, and now regularly use a NoVRAM for this purpose. I own two of his modules and just last week purchased a third (the No-V64), which is a testament to the product and the inventor.

Thank you Diego!

(Although my ebay name in not related to this discussion, for fair disclosure, it is 'kctongo').


I wholeheartedly second that!

The Clonix-D/NoV-64/USB-41 modules are a marvel to use.

I have seven modules (3/3/1) and use them daily. 8-)

Thank you Diego!

Sylvain (eb: pcscote)


Hi there,

And thanks for your kind words, it's great to count on your support.

I'm pretty sure most people here are aware of the differences, however I wanted to "disconnect" myself, my name and my products from these auctions.

AFAIK these fake Clonix's were built based on a preliminary design, thus they're far from the current production ones in terms of reliabilty, power drain, etc.

Best wishes.



Without a doubt the Clonix/NoV's are a wonderful feat and a godsend to modern day 41's systems. Don't accept substitutes and get the originals!!!


Being the Conix/NoV addict that I am, I must second, third & fourth all that has been said by the other fans here.

Hi Diego! Coming to Norway any time soon?


Hi Ángel, Geir,

Good to read from you both too... and a big thanks for your comments here.

I'm affraid it will take a while before I could plan a visit to Norway... :-(

On the other hand I'll be pleased to guide a Caribbean trip in case some of you may be interested in the Tropic of Cancer (mean the place... not H. Miller's novel... :-)




I can organise the tropic of capricorn. Collect them both if you dare.

- Pauli


Always felt closer to the HP-85 :-) would be there in no time if I could, Oz keeps calling !


HP-85B was my second computer... first I used a 9835A; well, not really "mine", they belonged to the company I worked for. Oh! those memories from early '80s... :-)

I wouldn't mind to play with these toys again, although I never mastered none of'em... and am not a "wizard" for sure... 8-D


Edited: 1 Mar 2013, 5:54 p.m.


Hi Diego

On the other hand I'll be pleased to guide a Caribbean trip in case some of you may be interested in the Tropic of Cancer (mean the place... not H. Miller's novel... :-)

How about organizing the HHC 2013 there instead :-)



Hi Günter,

I positively second that option.

Will attendees' wives be so "positive" also? Or will it be the first bachelor HHC meeting? ;-)

Ok, now seriously, it will be great to have such an event either in Dominican Republic or in the Canary Islands.

All the best.


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