HP12C Limited Edition 30 anniversary keyboard

hi all,

I want to buy the 30 anniversary edition HP 12C before the stock runs out.

I own a 25 anniversary edition HP 12C and a 50g. The 25-anni was good when it works, but the battery slot on mine was faulty. The low-battery icon flashes all the time even with brand new batteries. Sometimes it stops flashing and nothing happens, but occasionally it wipes the memory clean!

The keys are a hit-and-miss too, I have to press them HARD to get a sure input. It also does not flash with Enter, PV FV etc.

Despite all these I still love the 12c and I would like to get a reliable one before I enter work.

I know the original 12c doesn't have the problems above, but the speed may be a problem.

My questions regarding the 30 anniversary edition are:
1. Can you get an input with a light press?
2. Does the screen flash with PV FV enter etc keys?
3. Any known problem with battery compartment?

Thanks alot!!


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