World Premiere review of the new TI College Plus Solar

Discover the all first pictures of this new french calculator :




lol there is blue in your pseudo, you don't like it ? :p


French calculator? I've heard of Paris, Texas, but Dallas, France is new to me :-)


Oooh, the Seventies strike back ;-)


It looks terrible...but I do very much like the "dashed-7" key. I would love it if HP adopted that convention as well.


cool! a new calculator for a new generation!

it's even approved by the acadédmie française: ENTRER!

sorry, couldn't resist. maybe it's even a good calculator...



TI listens to their markets. Students in France don't think in English. Having translated the keys (and later the messages, too) to French gives TI a considerable advantage in schools in France. They've learned their lesson some time ago: TI Collège


Hello all,

Original from Marcus v. Cube:
They've learned their lesson some time ago.

I've the impression HP only change the location of the market (china) and don't cultivate old market places like us or europe.

But it is true, we don't know how the future for hard coded and build calculators is and so maybe it is in educational areas a cheap solution as long as tablets are much more expensive.



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