Maximum number of program steps in HP-42S, 33S, and 35S?

Is there any (semi-) official statement how many program steps these calcs can take? I found the 42S is good for up to 7200, but can't find anything about the other two. Thanks in advance for your help.



This is what I found:Look at Q4


Vielen Dank! Die Zahl ist mir zwar immer noch unklar, aber auf einem höheren Niveau ;-) Ich nehme an, dass der HP-33S in dieser Beziehung ähnlich arbeitet, oder?

(Thank you. Seems there is no fixed number. Does the HP-33S work alike?)

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The 42S with a memory upgrade (not available from HP) can handle more than 7200, but I don't know the limit.

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