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What advanced mathematical functions would people want in a hypothetical 43S calculator? Assume that everything in the 34S is present. Orthogonal polynomials, real and complex functions, matrix operations and programming functions.

What else would people be interested in?

The obvious ones are Bessel functions, Bessel Zeros, Jacobi Elliptic functions, generalised Zeta functions and additional statistical distributions.

None of these are certain however, other suggestions are most welcome.

- Pauli


Hi Pauli

Please add "Zero-th order Modified Bessel function of the first kind" to the list.




Hi Pauli, I may be listing some already in the set you mention, as I'm not really familiar with it - so pls. indulge me:

- Digamma, Polygamma

- Bessel 1st, 2nd. kind, for complex orders and arguments

- Lerch transcendental function (or this is what you called "generalized Zeta"?)

- Exponential, Sine, Cosine Integrals (and hyperbolics)

- Error function *and* its inverse (yes , I know...)

- Hankel, Struve, Kelvin, Weber, Anger functions

- Multi/Super/Hyper factorials will be nice. At least Pochhammer symbol (rising/falling factorials) should be there.

- Polynomial roots, PROOT for nth. degree. Different from FROOT (aka Solve) for degrees 2,3, and 4 - using formulas instead.

- Dilogarithm, Polylogarithm perhaps

- Fourier Series / Spectral Decomposition & analysis

So do all these many polls signify that **something** is going on...??? :-)

Cheers, ÁM.

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So do all these many polls signify that **something** is going on...???

I didn't know two being many ;-)

As an alternative solution I suggest a "Root Cause Problem Solver for Global Warming Prognosis"?



Declined. Won't sell in the US of A. So sorry! ;-)


This looks like the SandMath list :-)

Yes, the Lerch transcendent was the Zeta generalisation I was thinking of.

- Pauli


At the risk of being told "there's a program for it already" -- TVM functions (like the Finance key on the HP50g) -- but with specific key assignments -- eg (h-shift) = N I PV FV PMT on the top row ABCDE(F?).


It looks like Airbus is selling better than GW in the EU Link


What else would people be interested in?

Well, I would be interested in a few completely different things:

1) named variables

2) true data structures:
   lists, vectors and matrices (with comfortable addressing, e.g. v[i] or m[i,j]
3) better programming structures, for example:
a generalized LOOP-ENDLOOP with 'IF condition EXITLOOP'
a generalized BLOCK-ENDBLOCK with 'IF condition EXITBLOCK'

For me such programming enhancements would be much more important than any new exotic mathematical functions (which I could then simply write myelf if I really need them).



AFAIK, named variables will come :-)


Pardon me: who is GW??

BTW, seems strange that 11:22 a.m. is past 12:21 a.m. - just had to look twice at it. Oh, why can't ...

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GW - Global Warming

The museum curator might be amenable to replacing the am/pm time designation. I think it's a good idea. Do you know if anyone has requested this?


Edited: 29 Nov 2012, 12:34 p.m.


Thanks for the explanation. We had some special airline tax in the EU recently but it was cut back due to US-American and Chinese complaints - so much about that.

About a.m. and p.m. in the museum: I bet that was no request from this side of the great pond. If you want to get rid of it, you'll have my full support - but it's up to you to start that with the museum curator.


Zeta Function

Bessel Function

Fourier Series Coefficients

MacLaurin/Taylor Series Coefficients

Differential Equations Runge-Kutta 4th/5th Order (or any feasible order)

Edited: 29 Nov 2012, 1:29 p.m.

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