HP 15C Calculator PC Emulator

I'm trying to install the HP 15C PC Emulator that I got with my HP 15C Limited Edition. When I enter the code on the Disk, it connects quickly to a server and then it tells me to check the number and try again. I tried "off-line" as well and it gives me an error related to Account has been cancelled.

I had this emulator installed in my Work PC which was replaced by a new one. Is there a limit of numbers you can install this emulator? or Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks! Gerardo


IIRC, the limit is 5 times.


What is your comprehension of "Limited Edition"? Limited like restricted or parochial or shortened or stinted or truncated or ...





Well, that is not the help Gerardo Rincon asked for. I suggest to use an other "emulator" or simulator that interprets the original's firmware. I have programmed such a toy (HRast Programmer and Eric Smith once showed me how the display is organised), alas it runs only on VM/CMS. And I know someone who has a 15C "emulator" too, but it is not published yet. At least everyone who has written an HP-41 "firmware interpreter" has already done the main work to run Voyager's firmware too, the Nut-CPU is from a programmer point of view the same.

And then there is Eric Smith's Nonpareil. An earlier version did Voyagers besides many _realy_ nice calculators.


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