Simple financial problem with a HP-12c Platinum


First of all sorry if you see any grammatical mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.

So, in my job I must frequently calculate loans, with the customers.
I can't have a PC with Excel at my clients's office, so I bought a HP-12c Platinum.
But I can't do the calculation I want.

For example, a lease for 84 months with 8% interest per year, for a total funding of € 15,000
I would know how much the customer pays per month, and know what will be the balance at 63 months, and add 10% early termination fee.
And if possible I would also like to have a view of the amortization schedule to know from when it makes sense to buy.

What I do :
84 [n]
8 [i]
15'000 [CHS] [PV]

But when I hit [PMT] for see how my customer pay per month, I have this result : 1'112,84 instead of 232.24

Where did I make mistake ?

Thanks you.


You forgot to type 0 [FV] and you have to use 8 g[i] to set the interest rate per month as you set 84 periods (in month).

With that you get 233.79

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First of, congratulations on your decision to use a HP 12C.

Your mistake is simply failure to respect units. You have entered periods in months but interest in %/year. Either divide the annual interest by 12 and press 'i' or enter the annual interest rate as-is and press [g]i.

I suggest you refer to the manual - if you require it in your language please let me by PM know and I will send it to you.



It works, thanks !

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