Can the display for a HP32Sii be replaced with the display from another model?

Does anyone know if the display for a HP32Sii be replaced with the display from another model?



IIRC, some Pioneers share the same display. The HP14B seems to be a suitable replacement, although I have two of them that are almost totally dark. I guess the polarizer is the guilty one in this case.

I'd give a try to the HP22S, not sure about the HP21S


Luiz (Brazil)


Does anyone know if the display for a HP32Sii be replaced with the display from another model?

No it can't for sure from the visual aspect. The 14B, 22S and 32S use the same display. The 32SII display has differen't annunciator segments.

From electrical and mechanical aspects this may work because all Mid range pioneers use the 1LR3 Sacajawea chip.

This address is a reference to my Mid Range Pioneer LCD designs for Emu42. You may have a look inside the KMI files how the annunciators are connected.


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The 21S does not have a matrix display, only a seven segment display.



I want to add that older 32S units with the protective glass covering the LCD area have the same LCD as the 14B and 22S, but newer 32S units with recessed LCD have a slightly different LCD with larger pixels, much like in the 32SII ;-)



More importantly, the 21S is an unsung classic. Dismantling one to fix a 'lowly' 32Sii would be terrible.


Agree, it was quite hard for me to get a 21S in the last years. But I don't know which was more difficult, to get the 21S or the 22S?



I for one would like to thank for the clarifications. I was not aware about these differences (never had an HP22S nor an HP32S/SII), all I knew was that they had display similarities. Not an excuse, I know...


Luiz (Brazil)



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