HP48.EXE on HP Jornada 525

Hi all!

Anybody here who got the HP48-Emulator running correctly on a Jornada 525? It works (slowly) but the bitmaps of the keybord are somewhat too big. In other words: how may I hide the title bar?

TIA for any hint.....Mike


Try this script:



How does that work? I've tried the 48 emulator on my Jornada 565, but the bottom menu/title bar has still been showing (keyboard input icon, etc).

I need some english to help me understand what to do. :-)



On PocketPC, the top and bottom bars won't go away. The KML script you use must fit in between. The one in my previous post should work. Some of the older scripts won't fit on PocketPC because they were made for the previous version WinCE which only had one bar at the top and nothing at the bottom, giving you 20 extra pixels or so. You may have to edit the offsets in the old scripts to get them to work (a real pain). Make sure you have the latest HP48.exe as well. As I recall, there was an offset bug in a prior version. You should find the latest here:


Thank you for the URLs. I tested now with hp48.exe V1.23 and the correct bitmap/KML. But it tanks "my" Jornada 525: colors are reverse (inverse, not exactly negative) and after 5 tests I have to do a reset. Strange. Seems a 525 is not sufficient for this.


BTW, if I show the keybord bitmaps with a viewer the colors are intact.

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