Statistics on HP15C

Can anyone remind me how I can enter (xi,yi) datas on my HP15C and then find out the statitics results :
- Sum(xi)
- Sum(yi)
- Sum (xi*yi)
- and so on ...


Entering statistical data on HP-15:
y value (Enter)
x value (SUM+) key to the left of +
repeat as many times as you have data points

Data are stored in the following registers:
R2: n, # of data points
R3: sum of x values
R4: sum of x^2
R5: sum of y
R6: sum of y^2
R7: sum of xy

Recall data by pressing RCL key followed by number of register.

Sorry about the bad formatting of this posting -- I don't know how to correct it.


To clear stat registers press: f CLEAR Sigma

To enter pairs (xi, yi) press: yi ENTER xi Sigma+

RCL 2: number of elements (pairs)
RCL 3: sum(xi)
RCL 4: sum (xi**2)
RCL 5: sum (yi)
RCL 6: sum (yi**2)
RCL 7: sum(xi*yi)

g x: average x
x <--> y : average y

Linear regression y = m * x + b

f L.R. returns b
x <--> y returns m


look at the back of your 15C : there is a summary of all stats registers.


Hi, Tom;

if you have the time for it, read this here. If not, here is the tip:

if you have a text you want to be seen exactly as you type it here, with all line-feeds and monotyped spaces, simply put a [pre] before its first character and a [/pre] after its last character. Your text would look like this:

R2: n, # of data points
R3: sum of x values
R4: sum of x^2
R5: sum of y
R6: sum of y^2
R7: sum of xy

To accomplish this, you type:

[pre]R2: n, # of data points
R3: sum of x values
R4: sum of x^2
R5: sum of y
R6: sum of y^2
R7: sum of xy[/pre]

Hope it helps.


Perhaps someone could be interested...
I've some own programs for statistics for the 15C:

Entering Data with frequencies (one or two variables)
Confidence interval for mean and sample size
Confidence interval for proportion and sample size
Binomial distribution B(n,p)
Normal standard distribution and inverse Normal s. distr.

If you want, feel free for mailing me


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