HP-67 Shiny Spot on Face

I recently got an HP-67. One cosmetic problem it has is a shiny spot on the front face between the "E" key and the "SST" key. A couple pictures are here:



Has some outer finish worn off in this area? Is there any way to restore the matte finish to this area?

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Hello Colin, may you format properly the liks to the pictures in your post? thank you


may you format properly the liks to the pictures in your post? thank you

Does this work?


Some possible solutions: http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv019.cgi?read=160724#160724

Search the archives for more posts from Geoff on classic restoration. Tons of good material there. Someday, it might even become a book ;-)


Thanks, works great!


Someday, it might even become a book ;-)

Geoff, give us a IBAN for the reservation...what's about the last chapter?
I'll give you the GPS point of my home, drop me a prewiev please when you fly on this area :)

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Thanks for the pointer! I was not using the right search terms.

Looks like I may have made it worse by using 409 :(

At least the label did not come off. I'll try spraying with matte lacquer once I have it apart to fix the card reader.


...Looks like I may have made it worse by using 409 :(

Without a doubt. You're lucky the white lettering didn't melt away.

Check out the ingredients: http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~safety/MSDS/FORMULA%20409%20CLEANER.htm


Here are a couple pictures of the face after disassembling, cleaning and spraying with Matte Clear Lacquer paint. Not perfect, but better!

Also got the card reader working while apart.
Thanks for help!

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