Where to find the HP 39GII in London

Hello everyone,

Since I am in London for some days, is there a place where I can buy the HP 39GII here. I am enjoying a marvelous stay in this beautiful city and would like to get the opportunity to buy the calculator?

Thanks en regards,




I am glad you're enjoying your stay in London, but I wouldn't be too optimistic about being able to buy a 39GII 'over the counter' in London. Not many of even the online suppliers in UK have it in stock yet.

However, if you want to have a browse around, the best area is the bottom end of Tottenham Court Road, near to Oxford Street and the Tottenham Court Road tube station. There are a number of electronics suppliers in that stretch of road, and quite a few stock HP calculators. However, their ranges are usually limited to 12C, 20b, sometimes 50G, and the low end algebraics.

If you do go searching, I hope you're successful, and if so, please post here where you found it!


Hi Derek,

Thank you very much for the advice. I will report later if I found anything interesting.




Look at



why would you buy it?


Why not? It's a pretty nice calculator, even if it isn't RPN or RPL.


I want one too, as soon as they are available in the US


As do I. US availability is my cue as well.


As do I. US availability is my cue as well.

Same here.


Americans, don't rush to get one! It's worth to wait for a more ready and bug-free calculator.


Americans, don't rush to get one! It's worth to wait for a more ready and bug-free calculator.

Yes, it's really difficult to handle the never ending stream of updates for recent machines like 50G, 20b, 30b, 12C AE or 15CLE ;-p. Of course, they get better all the time!

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