HP Calculators in Youtube



Yes, at 0:38 you see an HP 35S being used to its highest potential--paperweight.




Y'know, the 35S does pack some computational and programming muscle. Yes, a 48G/S X, 42S/41C, 15C, 32SII are all mightier brethren but, the 35S is a pretty intelligent trooper. Besides, it was technically powerful enough for this K3 designer.

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...it was technically powerful enough for this K3 designer.

What is a K3?


Well, from what I could surmise from the video, the K3 is the yacht this guy was creating.

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Besides, it was technically powerful enough for this K3 designer.

Every single pixel of the CAD display that you see in that movie requires about 10,000 hours of continuous calculation of a pocket calculator. Not to speak of the CFD calculations required to develop the shape of the hull...

I too see that HP35S more as a paperweight than anything else. Mine has turned itself into one recently by completely draining its batteries from just lying on my desk untouched.


The K3 is a 14 ft (4.2m) dinghy.

It is to a yacht what an HP35S is to an HP50G.

Wikipedia link


Okay. Thanks for the correction.


Well, I did post this earlier, but I guess I can boast again about being the only guy (or at least the first guy) in the world who has made HP, Sharp and Casio vintage machines "dance" and "sing" in a video.
So here goes again,


Even a 15C LE makes an appearance: I received it while recording the video, and thought "why not?"




Which one was the color printer? the Sharp?


All-in-all, a pretty cool video. What calculator was used for the LED digits? How many other video's can boast that many HP calculators in the same video?! ;-)


Actually a better comparison would be K3 = 50g; large yacht = Apple iPad.


No...Titanic = Apple iPAD.



Here are mine about what you can turn your 50g to.


Software for your HP 50g




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There are two LED displays, a TI 59 and a HP 32E.

The colour printer is indeed Sharp CE-150.

There's also a HP 41CV, with the printer (the one which prints the name of the song), then a Casio 602P, some other Sharps, PC 1403H, PC 1360, PC 1261, hmmm... I can't recall any longer, I'll have to watch the video again :)

And then in the mix, against the middle instrumental part, there's a Casio VL-1 as an integral part of the groove. As VL-1 had a 4 banger calculator built in, I guess we can count it as a calc too.

PS The record is out next week, and in some of the songs we have a ZX Spectrum featuring here and there. Now that's Sharp, Casio, HP, TI and Sinclair, all in it together, all in it for a good cause. Pretty romantic, I reckon.




thanks, I like learning new things on the internet.


It would be a double insult if it was a paperweight in ALGebraic mode :-)


"Not to speak of the CFD calculations required to develop the shape of the hull... "

Hahaha! As if that would be worth a hill of beans anyway.


Very nice stuff, very well made :-)



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