Calcs in films: The Amazing Spider-Man

Has a scene in which Peter Parker finds an old briefcase belonging to his long-vanished father. Before discovering the hidden secret formula, Peter lays out the contents on the floor of his room, prominently displaying a purple & teal HP48GX.

Inexplicably, the writers passed on the opportunity to have Peter discover the formula stored in the calculator itself. ;-)


Being writers, they probably couldn't figure out how to turn it on...




It may be assumed that Spiderman knows RPN.


That would lead TI guys not to watch it... 8^) (kidding, guys, kidding... I use TI's as well... just kidding...)

Edited: 8 July 2012, 9:00 p.m.




But not RPL ??


HEY! Why didn't they call us during the sneak preview, pre-release screening? If the studio did that, we would've spotted the continuity goof and the scene could've been re-shot and then the released film would be TECHNICALLY accurate.

That's what happened at the screening for 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.' After the test screening, fans were so upset that Spock dies in the end that the entire last segments had to be re-scripted and re-shot with the revisions where Spock's tube is shot onto Genesis. And thus, 'Star Trek III' was born.

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