Difficulty Of Obtaining Various Models (And Prices)

When is the last time this was updated? Is there a more modern way to create this list via voting or another technique?


IMHO this is quite outdated as well as a few *other* chambers (pun intended) of this museum. I tried more than once to trigger some renovation activities, but no success so far :-(


I think it's a bit useless to update that list whilst sellers like garboco, maine calculator, thecalculatorstore etc. list exorbitant prices on some models (e.g. 71B and accessories) thus artificially raising the expectation of prices (e.g I am quite sure that garboco buys for 1/10 of his sale price, because I am quite sure he was coburlin and then he only bid 1/10 on any similar item I sold that he had on his listings).


It might, though, be useful to get some idea of what people are actually paying as opposed to what some sellers unreasonably expect to get.


About 8 years or so ago someone else noticed the same pattern in coburlin's bidding. He pointed out that in those days ebay let us track what other people were bidding on. Maybe two or three of us would bid on things that looked way under-appreciated just to keep him from getting them for free. I went as far as to write to a couple of sellers that had miss-spelled hp gear that started for 99 cents to mention that someone named coburlin was going to be contacting them about ending the auction early if they would take his (low-in-real-life) price. i did that off and on for about a year because he was (is?) such an arrogant and insulting ass hole that i figured he needed it. others may have kept doing it for longer.

someone posting as coburlin posted this here in 2005:
"Some people are dumb enough to pay high price for obsolete vintage hardware, so what? Do you know why engineers never climb the corporate ladder high enough? Because they live in a fantasy, technical world cut out from the real, marketing world."
if it was him; that's enough of a reason to not buy from him.


OK, I'll start off. Here are some items I have purchased in the last two years:

HP-71B, v1BBBB reasonable condition with HP-IL: £37.00

HP-85B VGC in flight case, printer works, tape drv untested, ROM drawer with 00085-15005 Advanced Prgm, 98151A Prgm Development, 00085-15007 Assembler. £170

HP-48SX, keyboard a bit scratched, with pouch, QSG, Eq lib & 128k card, £35

HP-48SX, like new in box with manuals (box a little bit tatty), £30

HP-11C good condition, with pouch no manual, £30

HP-28S mint in box with manuals, £45

HP-48GX, in box with manuals, TOPCON FC-48GX Survey Card + manuals, TDS 256k RAM card, serial cable. £74

HP-45 in plastic case with manual, quick guide, pouch & charger £37

HP-16C with HP 92169A black leather pouch and manual £62

I think these prices are not too far off from the Museum's list.



Edited to fix some spelling.

Edited: 18 June 2012, 5:26 a.m.

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