WP34s Stopwatch & statistics

A few weeks ago, Matthew Krotzer asked for Sigma+ to work in StopWatch mode. This is now the case.
Time in decimal format is added to the X summation registers and the counter is added to the Y summation registers.

So in StopWatch mode, if you press A, i.e. Sigma+ several times, you will add the current time and reset it to 0. Once you exit, press f-5 to see the averaged round time and f-STO to see it in H.MS mode.

Pressing + will store in memory & add to summation registers. It is the equivalent of pressing both Enter & A/Sigma+ at the same time.

Another change: when in round time, i.e after pressing A, . or +, the total time is also displayed instead of the STOPWATCH label.

I guess Marcus will build and upload the new firmwares & emulators as soon as he can (but it may take a few days at least). In the meantime, these new functions are in SVN.


I've built and committed a new version with this change.

- Pauli


Thanks. As well as for the help on implementing this.


And the manual is up-to-date as well :-)


Excellent. Thank you to you and the WP-34s team.

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