HP-41CV "tall keys" version

Dear friends,

This is just to report that I have in my hands an early HP-41CV with "tall keys", the s.n. is 2103A10255. Since now I have often found and heard only about HP41C models with "tall keys", but never a CV model.

This is all.




Wait a minute, that confuses me. My first 41C is a tall key (which I still have and works great). I remember when the 41CV came out, it had the more slanted keys. This change was made to improve the visibility of the Alpha keyboard. I ended up buying one as I didn't like adding memory modules to the 41C to have the program/register space, but I've always liked the Tall Key look better.

So, do Tall Key 41CVs really exist or is your 41CV a hybrid?




I've heard of them, too. Never seen any, though.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi all,

Quite a while ago I bought a bunch of (damaged) 41 parts including several top and bottom halves. One of these tops was a tall keys CV which I thought was "faked" by replacing the adhesive overlay and label... Were those really built this way by HP!?

Anyhow, it comes apart from its bottom so no s/n available... :-( and the display has black stains but all this could be refurbished anyhow. (No, not for sale... :-)

It will be great if someone could shed some light on the legitimate origin of these pieces, or if they're just 'Frank-CV-steins'.

One question Ignacio, does your unit come with the golden ball power contacts?



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Hi again,

it doesn't have this golden connectors. I know this was abandonned when HP decided to put in the market the rechargable battery pack. I bought this calculator in Madrid, with a thermal printer and some memory modules. Maybe I can share some photos in Dropbox. I come back later with the link.




HI again,

you can find some photos in this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e4s4sqwto7la7kt/oWbrOFcMYT

I sincerely believe it is not a fake: It is a 41cv and it is nonsense to make fakes. I bought it for peanuts and it was me who realised yesterday it had tall keys... I wish you can put some light on it.

If you want me to make any additinal photo or test, please ask for it. It is my hobbie!

Thanks and best regards,



Have you confirmed the CPU is indeed a CV by checking the number of memory registers? The serial number dates it as a 41C.


So maybe it's a relabelled unit?

Hmm, I also have s.t. similar here, but it shows CL instead of CV, and has no serial number, but a serial connector (SCNR;-)




By "faked" I meant someone preferred the tall keys and decided to use them in his/her CV while keeping the golden framed overlay and model label for aesthetical reasons... certainly I don't mean anybody has done that with non legitimate pusposes... :-)

Since I'm away from home I cannot share any picture of the unit I got (only the top half) but yours seems in pretty good shape.

I'll try to refurbish mine and publish some pics as I get back home in a couple of months.

Cheers from Caribbean Sea.



HI again,

- I understood very well what you ment with "fake". In my opinion at that time, at least in Spain, people was not worried about "tall" or "short" keys...this is something for us collectors, with a perspective of thirty years...but this is only my opinion.

- I have updated the pictures with a couple more, showing that it is definitively a CV (you can see the 319 registers available).

- The calculator really looks like new: no scratches at all, full functionality, clean connectors, all the covers, pouch, memory modules, thermal printer & magnetic cards reader...I don't know where does it exactly come from...I know it was bought in a second-hand market in Madrid (El Rastro) and given to me, as a present, by a good friend of mine. It is supposed that the price was arround 30-40 dollars, no more.

I think we can conclude it is in fact a (rare) CV with Tall keys ;-)...most times, the easiest explaination is the correct one.

Best regards everybody!


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Hola Ignacio,

yes the pics are the ultimate proof that you indeed have a tall-keys CV. Whether it was a result of an HP-made repair or a serial production unit really is irrelevant, I think what counts is the end result.

Cherish your treasure :-)



Hola Ángel (un placer comunicar contigo: you are the reference here!)

my intention was just to report and share something curious. For a modest calculator collector/user like me it is impossible to be at your level.

I have to confess that in this moment I am more interested in early seventies calculators than in the HPs. I have now some Compucorps, Walthers, Toshibas...many of them with nixie tubes, that amazes me. Specially a Desktop Compucorp Scientist 120 and a Desktop Canon 1614P, with with Nixies and the second also programmable with punched cards!!!...a must see devices!!!

thanks to all of you for your interest.

Best regards,



My CV has a similar serial number, about 80 later and it does not have tall keys and never had (I bought it new).


HI, yes, I also have another CV with the following number: 2103A14737 (same year, week and place and around 4000 SN younger), and it is NOT tall keys version. Regards,


The question isn't, is it a production model but who converted it to a CV

HP was well known for putting a new label on a repaired calculator. Even upgrading a board, whatever was in stores and worked!

Now look inside, a true tall keys keyboard has a different rear shell and the PCA requires hex nuts or spacers supplied by HP. If the board has been replaced by an HP 41CV board then the chances are the PCA is held in place by spacers which replaced the hex nuts. Typically the hex nuts were a one time screw on item. Unscrewing them tended to strip the battery posts leading to the HP repair shop replacing with spacers.

So the moral is, HP could easily have updated in the repair shop and HP 41C to a 41CV and then added the label. By the way, I have about 15 factory HP 41CX labels here so easy to convert an HP 41C tall keys to an HP 41CX with the PCA and label.

In fact, my CL with CL label is a 41C tall keys from 79.

Now try and find a 41C half nut!!! That would be a treat.




to close the debate: you have seen my HP41cv tall keys version. I have never opened, and I don't want to asume the risk to affect the screw posts. I leave to you any opinion from where does it come from.

I have enjoyed very much reading to your comments and opinions. I believe you are really experts and wise people. It has been a pleasure for me!

(by the way: I want to know more about this 41CL...what is that??? 50 times memory: how do you manage that??




Hi Ignacio,

HP-41CL is the name given to any "HP-41" (C/CV/CX, coconut version) which internal CPU board has been replaced with the NEWT processor board (SY-41CL) designed and manufactured by Monte Dalrymple (our resident processors developer... :-)

Just to point out, it's its internal processor speed which can be switched up to 50 times original HP-41's clock.

You'll find details at Monte's page: www.systemyde.com

Cheers from the tropic of Cancer.


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