50G<-->28S SYSEVAL map

Hi all.

I'm looking for a list which correlates the SYSEVAL arguments between the 50G and 28S and 28C. If there is such a list, please let me know where I could find it.



Matt, if you can find the SYSEVAL lists for each of these machines, I could create the map pretty easily.


Well, here, I found the 28 lists:

HP-28 SYSEVAL memory map

Edited: 28 May 2012, 2:46 p.m.


There's no list. You even can't get any official ROM entry point list for the HP28 calculators. Both lists following are hand made by comparing HP48SX entry points with the HP28 implementations. The HP28S entry point list was originally created by Jean-Francois Garnier with about 800 entries, meanwhile it has over 2600 entries.

The HP28C ROM rev. 1CC entry point list is much shorter (~120 entries). I began this list to write some test programs in assembler, so I only added some basic entry points. You can't use this list for a HP28C with ROM rev. 1BB, many entry points moved from rev. 1BB to 1CC. I have both ROM images (and calculators) so I decided to use the latest ROM image for Emu28.

HP28S ROM rev. 2BB


HP28C ROM rev. 1CC




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