HP-48G not responding

I bought a HP-48G a few years ago but never really used it because I am so used to my HP-41CV. Yesterday, after a few years of not using it, I tried my HP-48G to practise using the celestial navigation card. NO response, changed batteries and a horizonal line appears in the middle of the screen, no key responses. Take batteries out, line stays about half hour and then disappears. Put batteries back in, horizontal line appears, some time in middle, sometimes on the bottom, and no key response.

What can I do. I was counting on this calulator to do celestial navigation on my sailboat when I retire.

Thanks, Walter


Any sign of corrosion on the old batteries? You might want to check the battery contacts inside the calculator for oxidation. Are you sure the new batteries are fresh? Also check the manual for any hidden reset options or perhaps some pertinent troubleshooting information.

Just some general thoughts from a non-owner.



There are keyboard reset sequences and a hardware reset. See



Turn over the calculator. Remove the top right foot and insert a small paperclip into the RESET hole you find there (with batteries inserted).

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