CMT EPROM Info Sought

Hi All,

I recently bought an HP-41CX through eBay from Israel. The machine came with what seems a 16K CMT Eprom module. Does anyone one have information about this module? I can only access one command, called CMTTST, which runs a diagnostic test on the module.


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Same here- well almost, I only bought the EPROM not the 41.

I looked at the code, which amazingly fills up the first 4k block. Not sure that it´d have any usefulness other than diagnosing the EPROM itself, but I haven´t looked carefully enough.

Maybe in a few weeks, but not sure...


There seems to be several of those unit available. I would love to hear if the EPROM gets figured out.




It's probably a CMT-10 module - supposed to be used with the DATA-I/O 21A EPROM programmer and the CMT programming adapter. Mathias has the only known programmer that I'm aware of,See the first programmer here.

Here's a photo:

And the brochure for programming:


Yes it´s got to be the CMT-10, no doubt. As for re-programming it, afraid we can forget about those units held in collector's hands (shame, shame...)


Thanks Allen!!!

I guess it's time to plan another visit to Matthias's place!



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