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yesterday I saw that the file command-alias.csv had suddenly almost the double size of the previous version. So I compared these 2 and found lots of spaces replaced by 2 [narrow-space].

I guess this affects only the display of these tokens (to make them smaller), right?

But I also saw that in the new command-alias.csv there are a few additional new entries, e.g. eV (electronVolt?), CNSTE, etc. ...

The problem is now that I can't find these new tokens in wp34s.op, but they exist in the emulator file wp34sgui.exe.

Now my question: if I understood it correctly then wp34s.op should be built automatically from the emulator files, so why are these new tokens missing? Has there something gone wrong with the latest build of wp34s.op?


Edited: 14 May 2012, 2:02 p.m.


Franz, I've changed the formatting of commands which may have affected wp34s.op and the cross reference in an unintended way. This is a (mostly unintended) consequence of the USER catalogue. The whole feature is still under discussion.

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