WP-34S Version Display

I'm really sorry to ask this, but I've looked everywhere and cannot find the answer.

I've just received an HP-30b and flashed it to a WP-34S.

How do I display the Pauli Walter screen that also lists the version number?

Many thanks



Hi Nick

Still awaiting my flashing cable and 30b so I can get started so can't be difnitive but the version of the manual I have downloaded, edition 3.1, gives the following on page 77 to display the firmware version and build no. (in all modes other than PR I think)
'h' key
'X.FCN' key
then VERS




Hi James,

MANY thanks. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't find this command! As you say, there it is listed in the manual.

I'm just waiting for my overlay to arrive and then I'll be all set.

I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, James!

Thanks again,



Yes, I'm looking forward to getting it going. Currently waiting to see which will come first, the cable, the 30b or the overlays and working my way through the manual in the meantime.

I downloaded SAM-BA v2.10 last night on my XP box which, happily, has a serial connector so hopefully that part is good to go.



FYI, page 38 shows the display and the related command as well. The display chapter (beginning on page 29) was written with those quick & smart people in mind who start immediately without reading first ;-)


When all else fails, read the manual! ;-)


James, I'd recommend MySamba from our SF files section. It's much faster. You can also give Pascal's multi platform implementation(s) a try.


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the tip, I'll checkout MySamba and Pascal's implementation tonight.



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