HP Solve Newsletter April 2012 arrived

Dear All,

the April 2012 issue of the HP Solve newsletter arrived ! Have a look here and enjoy 3.36 MB of interesting reading.

A hearty THANKS to Richard Nelson and all the other involved for their great work!

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Thanks for flagging that, Karl. Now downloaded ready for tonight's commute home!




Hi, all.

I downloaded the articles and went reading the one about RPN evolving. I found the second paragraph somehow conflicting and decided to ask for opinions.

If you press the digit 5 on an RPL calculator the “5” is entered into level 1 of the stack. The same thing happens with a classical RPN calculator. If, however, you then press ENTER the two user interfaces operate differently. The same thing happens with a classical RPN calculator.
Shouldn't it be:
If you press the digit 5 on an RPL calculator the “5” is entered into a command line prior to be entered in level 1 of the stack.
I am not sure if this is what happens in the WP34S, because I do not have one (neither have installed an emulator), but I read it has a 8-level stack, so I cannot be sure about the WP34S being a RPN, a RPL or a midbreed and how does it deal with the stack.


Luiz (Brazil)


WP 34S is good old classical RPN - it behaves in principle like the HP-45 or HP-42S. The only major differences are:

  1. The numeric input is echoed as you type - syntax checking will begin with ENTER or another legal command, not earlier.
  2. WP 34S allows you choosing either 4 or 8 stack levels (X, Y, Z, T, optionally plus A, B, C, D). With 8 stack levels, d will be repeated like t with 4.
I definitively recommend reading the manual here in this matter :-)

WP 34S allows you choosing either 4 or 8 stack levels
Yep, that's what I read about, I myself missed my own thoughts when writing...

Thanks for the link, will read it and get to know it better.


Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks. I just got my copy.

By the way, the article references RPN Tip #4 but does not say which newsletter that's in. Which HPSolve editions are the tips in? Thanks

Edited: 2 May 2012, 12:44 p.m.


Now downloaded ready for tonight's commute home!

Hi James, may I ask what kind of reader do you use to read pdf's like that?

Many thanks in advance, Alex


Hi Alex

An iPad2 - both the iBooks and Kindle app work fine with pdfs. It also means I can check into the Museum as well during the commute as have reasonable 3G coverage along most of the train route.




although I couldn't find the reference to RPN Tip #4 in the April 2012 issue, you find Tip #4 in Volume 4, May 2008 (still available for download here )

Best regards



Found Solve #4. Thanks


Thanks a lot for your kind answer!

Best regards,

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