wp 34s: enable 8-level stack? [Solved]

OK, I fess up: I just searched the entire 34s PDF manual looking for the words "level", "stack", "depth" and even "flag". I could not figure out how to increase the stack depth to 8 levels. Help!?


Never mind, I found SSIZE4 and SSIZE8 in the MODE menu, though for some reason my search didn't find these in the document! (Although it's there.)
[Also fixed "35s" typo in body of original post.]

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On the wp 34s, select Mode (= h-CPX) > ssize8.

On the HP 35s, there is no adjustable stack depth.

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Thanks. I meant the 34s of course.


Open the manual file using Acrobat Reader, search 'ssize' and it will find it.


That doesn't really help when you're trying to find it before you know what the command is called.




OK: Open the manual file using Acrobat Reader, search 'stack size' and it will find it. :-)

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