USB-41 status update: Upgrade available v3.0

Hi all,

I've finally managed to recover most of the funtionality of my defeated desktop system, and have got the new release of the configuration utility: ClonixConfig.exe v3.0; published at my web site.

This allow user's to gain access to the Clonix part of the USB-41 interface module allowing up to eight pages to be mapped into the ports addressable area (pages #8 to #F)

It also allows Clonix and NoV modules access to page #4 (for these M-Code gurus you all already know :-)

An updated manual will be ready in short, but this small upgrade is (IMHO) intuitive enough to be used without further explanations.

All the best from the Canary Islands.



Saludos Diego, way to go! v.3.0 works like a charm, thanks for the upgrade adding page 4 access - no more manual work-arounds!

Looking forward to receiving the Printer emulator module, so far I cannot get the SW to work, I guess I´ll have to read the manual :-)



Hi Ángel,

Thanks for your comments.

Regarding the SW, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version from my page, and also check your Windows' .NET environment is updated.

In case you still find dificulties please mail me to schedule a phone call for details.

All the best from Spain.


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