Buying in TAS outside US

There are some HP items offered on eBay for which sellers doesn´t want to ship overseas. Any experience on overcoming this?



TAny experience on overcoming this?

I have succeeded quite a few times by simply contacting the sellers by mail and explaining to them, that it is really no more difficult to ship their items outside the US than internally. All they have to do is to fill in the little customs declaration when they take the parcel to the post office (or FedEx, UPS, DHL, whatever service they want to use).

Sometimes it also helps to find out the exact postage fee for them. I you tell the seller "postage to my country will be 29 Dollars using USPS and I'm happy to pay that" then he has really no valid reason not to send you his merchandise!


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They usually don't want to deal with the post office paperwork or the shipping hassles (like when the buyer, and seller, pay for fast delivery to Japan and some idiot in Oakland puts it on the back of a donkey heading east). Some people have been burned by the post office employees in the receiving country stealing the item. For instance; any package entering Ecuador will be opened and anything with an equal or higher value than used toilet paper will be removed. Some sellers get bent out of shape when the buyer asks to have the item's value on the customs papers understated. Me, i'll help short ANY government.

You can ask someone you know here to receive it for you then re-ship it or you can pick it up when you see them. Joerg Woerner and Juan Demien (both members here) have done this for me with German & Argentine sellers that didn't want to ship to one of those foreigners living in the States.


Good point Maximillion. the url for that info is

I've found DHL is the best/fastest/safest service going south. But it's certainly not the cheapest. After one bad experience involving a ruined item (rusted in wet packaging and the waste of shipping cost- i avoid UPS. They say it's insured. it's not.


Forgot to say that the seller does not ship overseas but also don´t accept messages from overseas buyers!

You can ask someone you know here to receive it for you then re-ship it...

Good one. If someone here in the forum from US is willing to do that, please let me know.

Thanks all!


Forgot to say that the seller does not ship overseas but also don´t accept messages from overseas buyers!

Probably still believes in the earth being flat though his/her own history should prove him/her the opposite. Happy isolationism! Seems such folks concentrate in 'great' countries :-/

Where do you live?




You should know that toilet paper could be from higher value than any HP calculator. Remember the Yosemite National Park last week ;-))




Thanks Joerg, you are very kind. I am in Mexico, but unfortunately the unit I wanted has just been sold.

But thanks again!


warning: "So" alert!!!

Fabricio: So if there's a next time, you can post here and somebody can bid on it for you with a snipe engine. you just have to decide the maximum price ahead of time. Knowing that it's a group endevor might also keep people here from making really crazy bids to spoil it. Some of us here take turns.


J; Can't forget. My knees hurt from the downhill and my arms hurt from being a "belay slave". Your kids wore me out. Nice train ride home too.



Glad you made it home! This is the last picture with you on my roll before you completely disappeared:

So long,



...if there's a next time, you can post here and somebody can bid on it for you with a snipe engine...

I am still trying to get used to the brotherhood of this museum, so definitely I will do next time.

It was an elusive (at least to me) NIB HP42s only available through US eBay, offered at fixed price. I hope someone of you got it!

Hope you all have a great weekend.



The real problem is that there are much higher rates of fraud from international customers, and unlike domestic customers, there's no good way to prosecute it and get your money back in those cases. Some sellers just aren't willing to take that risk.




I was commenting the email behaviour Fabricio reported. Also if I don't sell to a particular candidate (for any reason whatsoever), I still respond to emails (except spam, of course). I think that's the minimum respect any potential buyer deserves.


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