TI CC40 cartridges ... names of programs on them?

To RUN a program on a plug in rom on the TI CC40, you type RUN "NAME" and press enter, where NAME is the name of the program on the cartridge.

If you don't know the names of the programs, what can you do? Is there a "LIST" or "CAT" type function on the CC40?

Failing that, is there a list of the names of the programs on these cartridges?



To read out the names of the programs on a cartridge:

Enter RUN "DIR" or RUN "CONTENTS" and press ENTER.

If you have the Mathematics Module installed the display will be


After a few seconds the display will change to

Use Printer?

Press N and see


which is the "long" name

Press the right arrow key and see


which is the "short" name used to call the program for execution

Press the down arrow key and see


and so on.


Perfect, Palmer! thank you.


The instructions for use of the directory program are near the front of the manual for the Mathematics module and the Statistics module. I have been unable to find the isntructions in the calculator manual. Are you trying to use a module without the manual?

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