[WP-34s] CAT documentation, manual printing DRAFT

From another thread I just learned about the nice triangle solution program in the CAT of my WP-34s. Before, I didn't even know it was there. I scanned the V3 manual but did not find anything on this topic. Thus, I have two questions:

a) Is there documentation readily available on what is in CAT and how to use it without having to figure it out by myself through step-by-step analysis?

b) Can one obtain a copy of the nice manual without DRAFT across the pages for a better looking printout? I would happily sign a waiver to the effect that I know it's a draft and can contain mistakes and that I know what I'm doing and that I'm not going to sue you, Walter! ;-)

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a) What's in CAT depends on you to large extent: you may include and exclude whatever you like. Almost all library routines were added to the respective directory without separate accompanying documentation so far. This may change, however, if I find time for it - and if various authors send me their descriptions of what they coded there.

b) No problem to remove the watermark in due course. I believe you that you won't turn this against us. After my last experience with a particular forum member, however, I think I must (!) have a closer look to the fine print instead of just copying and pasting such legal stuff from other sources (IANAL). Sorry for that. After all, I don't believe in signed waivers here ... ;-)



So I will be patient before I can print it... :-)

Any hint how long that may be? I would so like to have it color printed and bound!!!


a) Is there documentation readily available on what is in CAT and how to use it without having to figure it out by myself through step-by-step analysis?

Hi Alexander,

you can see what Marcus includes in the library in the file 'makelib.cmd' in the following SVN directory:


And descriptions for most of these programs you find in the library files:



It's still a moving target. In the past I printed the manual several times just to learn I may discard it a few days later already. Most recently, we had turned CPX X.FCN off, affecting quite some pages. There are some appendix contents needing updates - we've got no reference to MySamba for example so far. The main text should be almost finished, however, but I've said this more than once already ;-)


Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for.


Walter, would you maybe consider to put the DRAFT just across the first page and leave the rest beautifully printable? Pretty pleeeeeease! :-)


Another compromise suggestion: keep DRAFT on every page, but put it in the header or footer regions.

Nigel (UK)


Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for.

Yup, you have found it.

The contents of the "default" library if one flashes with the calc_full.bin are documented in the comments in the source code, to be found at the link given. Source files written in FOCAL user code are by convention appended with the .wp34s extension.


The 'Easter Edition' is out! Look what's new and enjoy d:-)

Proofreading and error reports are appreciated. I didn't find time for MySamba yet, however.


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