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Perhaps it's here at MoHPC. But, is there a list of the family names (Pioneer, Spice, etc.) and codenames (e.g. Bonnie & Clyde for thee 19C/29C) for each calculator HP has made?


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Please look around, this is a museum after all.
Here we go!


...and we are the guardians.....ah, ah. ah!!! Ciao!


Silly me. Right in the 'Collecting & Using' category. Thanks for the remind.

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You might enjoy this poster, it has a few more names (disclaimer: I am not the owner, not sure how accurate).

HP Calculators


Two additional items I didn't find anywhere else were the mention of the "Eagle" and "Eagle Beagle" projects, described by Dennis York (formerly of HP Corvallis) in his 13-page biographical article in the British Handheld and Portable Computer Club's (HPCC) Datafile issue V27N6 from 2008:

Both were to hold built-in cassette drives. One eventually morphed into the HP75C (without the cassette) and the other one was stopped.

It was very interesting reading.



Yes, thanks! Everything I've wanted to know.

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