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Hi,I am looking to buy a HP41 series calculator. Could never afford one as a student, but need advice on which model to purchase - Either a HP41CV or HP41CX. The 41CV would be a Fullnut and the 41CX a halfnut. The HP41CV comes with a Timer and an X-functions module.
Your expert advice and opinions would be appreciated.
Thanks John


If you are serious about a 41 series machine, you want a 41CL.

The 41CL can only be put into a fullnut case and the time module completes it -- I'd do the 41CV with time module.

If you don't want to go the path of the 41CL, the 41CX is better than a 41CV + time module + x-functions but only a little bit -- price comes into consideration at this point.

- Pauli


Thanks Pauli, I have recently been reading up on the 41CL option. It's quite expensive with our sh..ty exchange rate, oh well!
Does the increased speed still allow one to use the standard HP modules, e.g Advantage Rom etc. I suppose with the increased current consumption one could opt for NiMh re-chargeables (would this work?). Thanks for your reply. John

Edit: Dumb question about the other HP modules - read further down in the CL manual!

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I suspect that every software module you could possibly want is already included in the SY41CL. In addition, other stuff like the printer, card reader and the wand (bar-code reader) work just as they should.

I don't think you need to worry about battery life, either. I've just replaced my first set of batteries (after about 9 months of use). Admittedly, I don't use the calculator every day, but I wouldn't have needed to replace the batteries yet if it hadn't been for the fact that I did some work on the card reader some time back, and in the process, I ran down the batteries.


The 41CL has *every* software module you will ever want and more included already. Hardware accessories are also supported be it printer, card reader, wand, HP-IL, what ever.

- Pauli


Personally, if you could swing it, I would do both. Get the CV and convert to CL (I love mine and plan on getting a second) and get the CX to keep as is.




Hi all,

Speaking hypothetically, if I was interested in a 41CL and had a 41CV to devote to it, how would I get the thing put together?

At there is a suggestion to use FixThatCalc, but FixThatCalc has been closed for new repairs for a while now ...

I don't have much in the way of electronics equipment and very little experience in that realm ... I'd hate to screw something up!

Just wondering,



I found the conversion extremely simple. You have to open the case of course but if you have a good doner machine it is a relatively simple matter of lifting out one component and dropping in another. The only problem might be if your posts (that retain the screws holding the calculator together) are cracked.




The HP-41C series has an extremely limited LCD. It was OK 33 years ago, but even then just barely. I believe that no matter how much 2012 power one puts behind the panel, that LCD dooms the HP-41C series to an anachronism and curiosity. (I bought my first HP-41C in 1980.)

However, IMHO the best keyboard "feel" in all of calculator history is that on my 28-year-old HP-41CX. I have no trouble understanding why some are willing to pay a fair amount for one. For the sheer joy of owning an all-original top-of-the-line pocket calculator from about 30 years ago, it would be hard to beat an HP-41CX with an additional extended memory module and the I/R printer module (as minimum), plus perhaps the MATH/STAT, THERMAL, NAVIGATION, and even that ADVANTAGE module which is such a poor attempt at adding some HP-15C functionality. An HP-15CV, OTOH, would hardly be worth shipping costs to me.

I'd say...get an excellent condition HP-41CX and keep it in all-original condition. Its value will only increase. If you can only get a HP-41C or 41CV, do with it what you will.


Hello there.

I am wondering what are the steps, what's involved in getting a 41CL

1--Do I send Systemide my 41CV to be upgraded?


2--When I place my order, would I'd be buying a new 41CL which they refit? In other words, I'd be buying the 41CL instead of sending in mine, right?


3--I'm only buying the components which I'd need to install myself?

4--What are the total cost and upgrade options involved?

5--What does the serial connector option allow me to do/connect to?

Please let me know


You need a donor machine and the 41CL board. You perform the installation yourself or get someone to help you with it. So it would be '3' on your list. Total cost is the cost of a suitable 41C or 41CV and a 41CL board.


Can a fullnut HP-41C be converted?


Only a fullnut (not a halfnut) can be converted.


In my opinion, get a CX. You can get them in either fullnut or halfnut form. Then I'd add 2 x Extended Memory modules, a Nov64 module and a HP-Il module :-)



As I understand it, the NoV64 already has the double extended memory, so there's no point in adding it in separate modules.
Edit: and BTW, the original ones were code named "coconut." There never was a "fullnut."

Edited: 23 Mar 2012, 1:19 a.m.


Hi there,

Just to point out, NoV-64 can certainly be configured to emulate a double X-Mememory module.

However, while this 2xX-MEM configuration is active the HEPAX emulation is disabled (the HEPAX RAM memory is nontheless preserved and its content will be readily available when the NoV-64 module is reconfigured with its standard HEPAX emulation).

Some users here consider that CL + NoV-64 is the dream-team in 41 functionality (I agree obviously, but I'm a bit partial in this particular case... :-))




Thanks for the advice Pauli. I went with the HP41CV + time module option. I have contacted Monte, but alas 55th on the list :(
He does however say that not all those whose names are on the waiting, actually purchase - so there is hope.

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