I just received a package from Switzerland

It's a DM-15CC !

It's from the second production run of the first batch with the improved housing and keyboard. All the key buttons work properly, although a few still have to be pushed fairly hard and past their click point. The housing is solid and does not compress or squeak when the keys are pressed. The display is very nice with excellent contrast and clarity. Overall finish quality is excellent and it is truly worth 50 Swiss francs. I've run a few programs but not any specific timing benchmarks, so I can't yet compare it to my original 15C or 15C LE. I can report, however, that the pause function works properly. :)

Congratulations to Michael Steinmann for an excellent effort !


and now the next batch appears to be delayed - it said end of March before, now it says end of April :-(


Mine arrived yesterday. I was please to see that it was flashed with the 'mem1b' version of the firmware. It is so strange and wonderful to be able to do:

99 DIM (i)

And still have MEM report:

99 30   0 - 0

That's 129 possible common pool registers.

Better yet, I see from Michael's web site that he now plans to produce the full Voyager line--including a DM11CC and a DM10CC!


On my 15C and 15C LE I can solve an eigenvalue problem with a maximum 4X4 matrix size, but with the DM-15CC I can solve a 6X6 problem with the additional common pool registers. The problem requires three square NXN matrices, plus a 1XN vector.

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I always felt that the space for matrix calculations of the HP-15c was cramped. It would be great to see a modified firmware along these lines for the 15c LE.



Would this not mean it is flashed with 'mem80' firmware version?

From the original 15C manual, appendix C:

In the original 15C, there are a total of 67 registers. RI, R0 and R1 are "permanent", leaving 64 that can be allocated to the common pool.

With MEM, RI is not included in the numbers, thus 66 are reported (R0 to R65, and dd + uu = 65). The 64 that can be allocated to the common pool are R2 to R65.

According to this thread, the 64 that can be allocated to the common pool is doubled to 128 with 'mem80' firmware. i.e. R2 to R129, hence dd + uu = 129 (130 registers R0 to R129)

Sorry if I'm saying what seems obvious to some, I like to get things clear in my mind.



Changed 'mem080' to 'mem80'. Why did i use the extra 0? I don't know :)

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Yes, you are right. It is mem80.

I have to apologize for a typo in my post in the thread you mentioned. I somehow exchanged 1b for 1c (possibly automatically rounding it to multiple of 4). But mem1b actually works with memory range 1b-ff allowing to use in this range 229 registers instead of 64 (address range c0-ff) available in original firmware.

And hopefully there will be better MEM display for mem80 and mem1b firmwares in next firmware release. Moreover, there should be key combination to display firmware version. Which is now displayed just after calculator reset (e.g. after battery insertion) or in serial console.


Thank you, for now I am happy with double the memory :)



Better yet, I see from Michael's web site that he now plans to produce the full Voyager line--including a DM11CC and a DM10CC!

11cc and 10cc have reduced function set, so will Michael reduce his CHF price ? hmmmmmm.....


Mine is here. No to figure out how to upgrade the firmware to increase memory.

How long until the WP 13CC I wonder :-)

- Pauli


I just received mine as well. Very similar opinion than yours It's a great little calculator. Some of the keys (#7, #6 and Enter) have to be pressed hard to register well. It's a very nice unit.l
I was little surprise no where on the calculator does it have the model printed on it: i.e. DM-15CC

How do I know what firmware do I have?

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Some of the keys (#7, #6 and Enter) have to be pressed hard to register well.
The ENTER key has two domes, so choose the one that works (if one does).

The domes can be realigned a little, and I've managed to bring some keys into working state. It is *very* sensitive to being misaligned just slightly.

I'd say it's a promising start for Mike, but he should devise a way to auto-align the domes correctly.

My unit has some additional problems which are not too severe. I wouldn't want to enter lengthy programs due to the keyboard, but it's a nice calc that can always be with you and used in environments where you wouldn't want to see your 15C/15C LE.

He should check for CE conformance and declare the unit accordingly. That goes at no cost and ensures being imported in any european country (and Turkey) without problems.


Hi Thomas,

are you saying that it costs nothing to get electronic devices to be CE certified? correct me if I am wrong, please.

hpnut in Malaysia


When we have CE certification done, it costs a lot.

- Pauli


Hi Thomas,

are you saying that it costs nothing to get electronic devices to be CE certified? correct me if I am wrong, please.

hpnut in Malaysia

You do not certify it - you *declare* it.

More precise, when constructing anything that falls under EU regulations, you ensure it's conformance to it and slap a CE sticker on it and sign a declaration of conformance. That's basically all.

There is a way to have it certified by third party, and yes, that's expensive. Usually this is needed in few cases only in B2B.

Honestly, would you want to sell an electronic device or even a machine without knowing and following the relevant regulations? It's a matter of safety and has to be done anyway. So yes - it comes at no additional cost, except printing the CE sticker.



I received my DM-15CC as well. It feels exactly as I imagined it, and is cute as a button. As many people reported, the keys are sometimes hard to register, but as they say, the impressive thing about a dancing bear is not how well it dances, but that it dances at all.


I am still waiting for my dancing bear :-)


I received mine about a week ago but I was away until yesterday. It is incredibly cute and a perfectly accurate functional clone of the original 15C (with speed/memory enhancements). It would be quite difficult to use for everyday work but to keep with you for an emergency calculation or just to show off to your friends, it's hard to beat.

Nicely done Michael!

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