Playing with the DM-16CC!

It arrived today! :) It's a really nice little machine.
Of course it's less "refined" than a commercial product, but it's amazingly small and compact, and the display is great!
Just thought I'd share...



Do you have one with the 16C keyboard?


Are they already available?


Do you have one with the 16C keyboard?

Yes, 16C keyboard and 16C back! :) There's a small bug on the front faceplate though, and the keys seem harder to press than the 15C version. But it's a really fun machine! :)


Pictures please... or we don't believe it! :)


Here you go... Taken right now with my cell phone so bad quality, but still...

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Thank you!
It is a little cute machine indeed.
I wonder how can the rest of us have one...


Interesting. Still waiting for my overdue 15CC :-/.


Just to clarify... It didn't arrive as a 16CC. It arrived as a 15CC, but with the front face and back plate of a 16C added separately. I had to swap the back plates, and "peel" the front face of the 15CC and put the 16CC's one in its place (you have to be careful doing so and you have one only chance of doing it right, and consider that the metal snap-domes are attached to the front plate, not to the electronic board). Too bad I didn't take pictures of this process.
I also had to reprogram it with the 16CC's firmware.
So, though the whole process took me less than half an hour, I still had to spend some effort in converting it.
And I got the 16CC version only because I told the seller that I was more interested in a 16 than in a 15, a few weeks ago... :)



I guess it's one from the second batch, right? If so, could you please comment on the keyboard, which should have been improved a little?


I have just got home and found my 15CC in the letterbox. It is definitely from the second batch. I haven't got one from the first batch so I cannot make any comparison, but I don't find the keys too hard to press, although some of them don't register as easily as the others, you just need to press them a bit more. I quite like the back panel with the gold annotations. I had seen pictures and videos but I have realised how small it is only now that I can have in my hands. I definitely like it and something tells me that in a few years it will be a more desirable collectable item than the 15 LE itself.


Am I missing something? He is announcing the second batch for April. And ordering is disabled on the website. Is the second batch already available? I want one :)


I also came home today to find it (edit: DM-15CC that is) had arrived :-).

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I ordered mine sometime in february, it was the second batch as far as I know, as the first one had already sold out.


Just received my dm-15c yesterday.
I don't have the previous batch to compare but i like it a lot. I still need to get used to the keyboard. Some keys seems to be stronger to push than other but i will try again, again and again...:+)

The size of the calc is absolutely astonishing. This calc fits perfectly in my pocket, it is programmable and the size of the screen is readable.

Michael did an incredible job.

Giancarlo from Italy


As I understand it, there were some quality issues with the first batch. Those that were OK were sent out in February, the rest were held back for rectification and possibly some hardware improvements, and it's those that have now been released.

Hoping to see mine arrive shortly!


I received 2 'early' DM15cc units - I think from the 'first batch of 50' - on the 29th of February.

They are very nice.

For completeness, there were two issues I had, but Michael (the designed) in Switzerland was really good in sorting them out.

1/ Minor: One key on one unit needed to be pressed at a specific angle to get it to register. Michael told me by email how to peel back the top foil to check - on doing so it was clear the metal 'dome' for this key was offset from the needed location. Re-seating it fixed it. (probably a 5 minute job).

2/ More serious - on taking the units out of the soft cover I'd see every so often the 'PR ERROR' message, as has been reported by a few other people. This meant any programs in the unit at the time were being lost. This could happen several times a day depending on how often I took it out to test. (Possibly around 1 in 4 times, or 1 in 5 times that I took it out.)

Doing some tests with the units suggested it was due to static discharges. I put the units into $2.00 iPhone cases (plastic) and had a greatly reduced incidence of this, to just one example in 4 days of fairly regular tests.

Michael (by email) suggested putting insulating tape over the 4 screws on the back on the units (he also offered to replace the units, no questions asked). I put tape over the screws and also ran tape around the sides - this was on the 6th of March. Since then I've not had a 'PR ERROR' incidence, even though I have given it a pretty fair amount of use.

Michael tells me the new units will have better keyboards, better insulation (the metal screws won't connect to the main board), a capacitor to provide momentary power loss protection, and few other improvements.

In use - I echo the earlier comments by others, they are nice little machines. I carry one in my pocket (in the iPhone case, it fits nicely with the tape around the unit) and tend to use it in preference to the 35s in my bag for quick calculations. The keys on these units do need careful pressing - and consequent careful watching of the display - but it is ok in practice. The feel is certainly not anything like my 15c LE or older 11C, but the small package makes it useful for different sorts of reasons. If/when the facility to download/upload programs via the miniUSB port comes along I can see these will be nifty little units.

Needless to add I've no affiliation with Michael the designer/seller. His support by email has been excellent, and I'd say the whole concept is really good too. Given his obvious knowledge in the field and his determination to identify the teething issues with the first units I would expect the units to come will be pretty good.

Sorry for the long message - hope it is of interest to some.


Hi John,

thanks for sharing your experience. I can vouch that Michael is very responsive with email.

I am still waiting for my DM 15CC to arrive, would very likely to place an order for a 16CC too ;-)

hpnut in Malaysia


He announced an aluminum case that can be retrofitted to the already delivered devices. This should reduce any ESD issues and addresses some cosmetic faults such as a slightly upwards bending keyboard and visible gap on the USB side of my unit. He has even promised to send the case when available.

The keyboard doesn't compare to my other calculators but the size doesn't either (in a positive way).


Hi Marcus,

The note about the cases is very good to know. My 15CC will not hold its state (programs or registers) if placed in the slip case and I suspect it is an ESD issue.

I think I will drop him a note and see how things stand.

I too love the size -- the keyboard, well, not so much. But it is very cool!



It's nice to see someone finally putting the bugs and fixes here on the forum.



1/ Minor: One key on one unit needed to be pressed at a specific angle to get it to register. Michael told me by email how to peel back the top foil to check - on doing so it was clear the metal 'dome' for this key was offset from the needed location. Re-seating it fixed it. (probably a 5 minute job).

Would you share that e-mail about fixing the keyboard - I've got the same problem with one of my keys.



Hello Reth,

The information from Michael was in one line (edited a bit to put it in context:
'For your [key problem] you should try to lift the foil a little, take off that metal dome, and put it back.'

My experience: You can get your thumbnail or fingernail under the 'foil' (which is the top material where the keys themselves are moulded on) at the edge of the calculator. My problem key was the minus key, so I lifted it from there.

Peel back the foil slowly and carefully. Under each key is a small metal dome with four lugs around the circumference (90 degrees apart). These lugs sit on four contacts on the board. The centre of the dome, when pressed, contacts a small raised pin on the board.

In my case for the minus key, the four lugs were obviously not sitting correctly on the contacts, so the dome was not centred over the pin. When pushed down the centre of the dome wouldn't always contact the raised pin.

The domes appear to be held to the foil by a slight stickiness, you can remove them easily and reseat them. A pair of needle nosed tweezers was useful when I did it. Take care not to dislodge any other domes.

After that just carefully smooth the foil back down.

It wasn't difficult, but, obviously, if you do it it's on your own responsibility. I only did it after Michael suggested I try it.

Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot for that John, much appreciated.


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