WP34S - Worth The Time and Cost?

I post the question and answer a resounding YES!

I am proud to have two units, and the overall cost for all things I have splurged on this comes out to $88 per unit. This includes two 30b's ($88 including shipping), the proper FTDI USB/Serial adapter from Eric ($25), three overlays from Eric ($15, I got an extra just in case I botched one), flashing cables from Gene ($35, which is because I damaged a pin on the first and needed a replacement AND I sent Gene more than requested for his time and trouble), laser printing a bunch of overlays to tide me over with 2.2 until version 3 came out ($7), and 20 cheap 2032 batteries from TAS ($6, good to have a supply since flashing is hard on them).

I am eminently aware that my per-unit expenditure is higher than it should be (e.g., I ordered too many paper overlays, I really didn't need the extra Rechlin overlay, and if I weren't such a klutz I wouldn't have needed a second cable), but even still I think the WP34s is a bargain. In my impatient "gotta have it" collector days, I paid too much for a working but far from mint 42S that I barely use. My eagerly anticipated 15C LE sits pristine and unused in its lovely box, and, unlike many, I have no desire to acquire another. But the 34s project has engaged me so much that I just can't leave these things alone.

As for the time investment, I initially shied away for fear of it being too technical. I am a Mac user (even though I run XP under Fusion for some things) and I thought the flashing process would be too much hassle. So imagine my joy when, once I got the proper USB adapter and learned by way around MySamba, that flashing succeeded the first time in under half a minute. I have since become familiar with the command-line assembly tools, and it is no trouble to build libraries and move my programs back and forth between calculator and emulator. This is the very I/O ability that I wish the 15C, 42S, and 35S all had, but don't.

I have no qualms about recommending the WP34s as today's preeminent RPN keystroke programmable. I was thinking that it would be great if those of us who have all of the flashing gear could offer assistance to those who don't--for example, if a fellow Canadian sent me a 20b or 30b I would cheerfully flash and return it for the cost of mailing--but I still have to say that in order to fully enjoy the calculator, having one's own paraphernalia really is necessary so one can keep abreast of firmware updates move data and programs between the calculator and the emulator. Writing, compiling, an transferring programs is all the fun for me.


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A resounding THANK YOU!

That what you tell us is what we hoped - but didn't dare to say aloud - when we started that project.


Thanks for the very kind words. I'm glad people are happy with the 34S. Our goal originally was to design and produce a calculator we wanted to use -- that has been achieved for me, the 34S is the calculator I pick up now.

- Pauli


I flashed my first 34s last week and I'm very happy with it. mindfactory.de still has some HP 30bs for €13. Add to that €5 for an overlay, and the 34s is easily the cheapest RPN calculator ever :-).

Edit: Mindfactory also has the HP 20b for €11.18, so technically that would be the cheapest, but from what I heard the 30b is a worthwhile €2 upgrade :-)

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I tried to buy a couple of 30b's from mindfactory, but 1) the site is in German and I can't read it; 2) Italy doesn't seem to be listed in the allowed destinations... :(





I was thinking that it would be great if those of us who have all of the flashing gear could offer assistance to those who don't

I would be very happy to flash other people's calculators for free, provided that two-way shipping is paid. The fact is I don't think there are many Italian users who would need it! :)




For whoever in Montreal or near it, needing assistance flashing his 34s, I will be more than happy to help just for the mailing cost.




and 3) they charge €30 for shipping outside Germany

... and 4) they appear not to accept credit card payment for foreign orders, so I have concluded they don't want any.


There is one for less than 17€ on Amazon.de. Shipping outside of Germany doubles the cost but it may still be a good deal.


This begs the question why the 20b and 30b are so cheap now (they used to be about 40€ until recently). Might this also be a sign that they will be discontinued soon?


Which FTDI USB/Serial adapter did Eric recommend?




This one:

FTDI USB/Serial Adapter

Works like a charm.



Thanks Les!


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