Re: HP-42S emulated on an HP-48 emulated on WinCE . . .

This is headed in a very interesting direction. Now if only I could write a 9100A emulator for the HP-42S . . . And, I could run the developer's PocketPC emulator on Windows, and run that maybe on a Windows emulator on a Mac! Better yet, there's a MacOS emulator for Windows . . .

I wonder, has anyone knowlege of a system employing more levels of emulation? What must be the record?

For my part, I worked on a IBM MVS system that ran on a hardware emulation over SCO Unix on an Intel-based box . . . But that was child's play compared to what may be possible here!


> I wonder, has anyone knowlege of a system employing more levels of emulation? What must be the record?

I don't know about other systems because I am interested only in emulators for HP-48/49. From my experience it is possible to emulate everything from HP-35 to HP-41 on HP-48/49. I just need a ROM from these calculators because I already know how to emulate CPU (I wrote HP-41E and HP-41X).

After developing an HP-42S emulator I know that emulation of other calculators in the Pioneer family is possible on HP-48/49 (like 17B or 32S, for example). The appropriate ROM is necessary, of course.

HP-28 emulator is possible but I don't think it would be very useful because HP-48/49 can do everything HP-28 can do.

I think that an HP-71B emulator for HP-48/49 would be possible, too. It would be very useful because of its BASIC and FORTH languages. An HP-41/HP-71 Translator module is available for HP-71 so that would be the final line of emulation (simulation): Windows emulator on Mac (Unix) -> PocketPC emulator on Windows -> HP-48/49 emulator on PocketPC -> HP-71 emulator on HP-48/49 -> HP-41 translator on HP-71.



I would just like to have something like an HP 41 or 42 running in my Pocket PC. While many HP **FINANCIAL** calculators are available for the Pocket PC, I have found nothing yet in the direction I am looking for (again, 41-42). Of course, I know that many levels of emulations are not advisable, but I was just wondering about how to achieve my goal, and the very nice emulators from Hrast may (just may) be a manner, albeit with an extra layer of overhead. Needless to say, I would NOT like to have an HP48 emulator in my Pocket PC, were it the case, emu48 is available...

Of course, I would prefer if Hrast or someone else takes the effort to develop a native HP 41/42 emulator (or even port the calculator application from the HP LX 100/200) to the Pocket PC. There are nice HP SCIENTIFIC apps for Palm (see MathUPro just as an example), but I have found nothing comparable yet for the Pocket PC

An alternative I would explore is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for Pocket PC and a modified version of the HP25 available here at the MoHPC, but it will have 2 layers too...


Right -- I think I could see where you were going with the "42 in a 48 in a PDA" idea. Sorry to treat it so flippantly. (But I did like the notion of seeing how many layers of emulation could be experimented with!)

I've tried EMU48 and found that the slavish implementation of a "virtual keyboard" and tiny simulated screen to be prohibitve limitations. These are made all the worse in my case because I've only afforded a monochrome PDA, and so don't get the benefit of colors in the interface. The horizontal pitch on the iPAQ is not quite enough to double that of the HP-48's screen, so the developer is limited to mapping them pixel-for-pixel. Consequently, the emulated screen is really miniscule!

So, I think you'd end up stuck with the too-busy HP-48 keyboard simulation, and the 42S output crammed into a microscopic version of the 48's display -- not a good situation.

I have expressed a hope that I could someday get 'round to utilizing the EMU48 (or similar) code as a behind-the-scenes "calculator engine", and somehow translate the PDA's standard input into virtual keystrokes. But such a project is simply not in the cards right now, and I've enough HP-32S/SII models stashed at the office, in my car, and in my toolbox that I don't really need it . . .


Paul: I have a iPaq 3630 (color) with PocketPC 2002, and I am still in the search for the "perfect" RPN calculator application for it... (something in the line of the 25-41-42 which I physically had, or a 11C emulation).

If you know about something good, please let us know.

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