My 15C LE has finally arrived...

CNA151011Z; LE No 17906 for the record.
All keys work ok and the PSE bug too :)
I must say that, having bought all my HP calculators I have owned so far (total of 10) between 1979 and 1989, the keyboard of this unit is a bit odd. The keys feel so hollow and thin at the touch that they give the impression I could easily puncture them with a needle. But, apart from that, I am happy with this calculator and, given that I have bought it to use it daily and not to keep it in a drawer, I hope it will offer a good and reasonably long service.


Same here. Mine arrived today as well. All systems go (yes, that includes the PSE-bug). Limited edition number: 17910 (odd how units with LE-numbers that close can end up in different places like the UK and The Netherlands). I like the keyboard actually. Indeed, the keys give a somewhat hollow impression (in fact they ARE hollow, if I am well informed) but the typical HP-click is much more pronounced than in the Voyagers of yesteryear. Only time will tell (my unit is for every-day use as well) but the 15C LE seems quite robust (shall I try Bill Hewlett's drop test or not?). The only issue is that there is a very small dent in the front-plate of my unit but I can live with that. And then there is my obsession: SPEED. Lovely to see an integral that takes minutes on a regular 15C being crunched in an instant. My advice to HP: consider the possibility of making this "new" 15C a part of your regular product portfolio (remove the bug(s) though). It's worth it and I think there is a market for it (IMHO). Anyway, it's a nice machine and my special thanks go to Tim Wessman and the rest of the guys involved for making it possible.


Yes, I would really like to see this 15C being part of the regular catalog. The speed is impressive indeed. IMHO, this is, at present, the best RPN scientific, non graphic, calculator and it should be regularly available. The HP 35S is good too, but the form factor and the Matrix operations ( and perhaps the speed too? I haven't got a 35S so I cannot compare) makes the 15C much more attractive even if it lacks some of the functionality of the 35S. I had signed the 15C petition quite a long time ago, but I was almost certain it would have been ignored. Thank you HP for proving me wrong!


You should have a look at WP 34S (try the emulator first)! It's the most powerful RPN programmable you can find at the moment.


+1 Agreed with Marcus. If you need a very powerful, fast and everyday carry workhorse scientific calculator (non-graphic) try WP34s emulator, or repurpose a HP-20b/30b to WP-34s or two or three (can afford many).


I know it would be by far the most powerful RPN calculator to buy if it was available as an off the shelf product. But there are too many steps to go through to have one up and running and at moment I am a bit lazy! :) Anyway, It is a great project and you guys have done and are doing really an outstanding job.


Don't forget the complex-number capabilities of the 15C, which are far superior to those of the 35S.


Well, with the HP20/30 serving as a "mothership", the formfactor of the WP 34S is less attractive in my view and (equally important) less handy. One of the main virtues of the voyager-design are its compact size and elegant dimensions (which could very well be one of the reasons the 12C gained such a popularity in the financial community (where looks are sometimes even more important than actual performance)). Being true shirt-pocket calculators, the voyagers are just convenient to carry around. Would it be a suggestion to repurpose the 12C into a scientific in the future? After all, for what I have heard the performance of the 34S is just great and in my opinion it deserves a better platform.


I just downloaded all the WP34S files and have the emulator up and running on my computer, so I'm going to play around with it for a while before I commit to hardware. Am I to assume that the emulator represents the latest version of the firmware ? The manual and emulator report version 2.2.


Grab the latest version from subversion directly. The download archive is the older v2.2 firmware.

We'll be putting together a v3.0 firmware download soon.

- Pauli


Sorry, but you lost me there. Can you provide a link ? Thanks.


It should be possible to download the files from: You'll need to click on the Rev column to download the files.

To do this properly, you really want a subversion client. I don't remember what most people are using, although I'm sure someone will comment.

Or wait until the v3 release archive is produced -- soon hopefully.

- Pauli


...if it was available as an off the shelf product.

WP34s package at a European supplier


My third HP-15C/LE has also arrived from wfsleath (first two were from Samson a few months ago.) Serial CNA1510118 and LEN 17915. No
problems with keyboard, and as I've said before, unlike some other people, I think the keys on this model are absolutely fine and far better than the original, but each to his own taste I guess. What I do notice about the keyboard is the very slight flex when pressing keys hard, almost insignificant, but the original didn't suffer from this Same firmware date as others but manual is now Edition 2.4 Sep 2011 with correct self-test information. The case is poorer than the first two models :-( Slightly thinner and slightly glossier material, also mine is all creased up and doesn't look nice at all. The first two I was quite happy with. May treat myself to one of those leather cases advertised on Ebay ...


May treat myself to one of those leather cases advertised on Ebay ...
Are there really leather cases? I ordered the one mentioned here (still waiting), just one day before someone discovered it's just fake leather. Hope it is worth the buy nonetheless.

Mine smell like leather.


Ok, that's interesting. Still need to stick the overlays on the 30B, but I might give that chore to my 15 years old son as a first step into RPN...


At least you won't have to worry about software installions on a PC, a programming cable, serial port or USB->serial converter (although the excellent FTDI units are useful for connecting other serial-based products to a USB only PC too) etc.

And if shipping to Spain is too expensive when you need an update, I'd be willing to flash it for you so it will only cost local postage.

Edited: 11 Feb 2012, 9:36 a.m.


Thank you for the offer. I think that, if HP drops RPN, in the future the WP34S will be the only choice. I always wondered why HP has been unable to to promote properly RPN. I remember the AOS guys back in time trying to prove their point and then failing all the time to beat me in calculating correctly a complex numerical expression with a TI.


Mine smell like leather.

Ah, the marvels of modern chemistry. ;-)


Not leather but worth what I payed! Fits well, easy to insert calculator and pull out again.


Or wishful thinking.

Reminds me that Alzheimers desease can be early diagnosed with smell tests. I'm unable to smell leather since my mid 30th. 10 years later, I should eventually visit my doc or quit smoking. Or both.


Sounds great, thanks Alex. OTOH, *my* slip case fits the 15C LE perfectly. It seems, there's quite some tolerance in these matters (at HP).


Just noticed that the "HP15C" (NW250AA) is available on the HP UK store for £100+£20VAT=£120. That's $158.03+$31.61TAX=$189.64.
Sleath's price is currently £89.95=$142.15(INC VAT). Interesting too that the calculator is only described as a limited edition way down in the detailed text desciption.


Well my HP 15C LE (no 17301) turned up yesterday. A nice man from Sleuth rang me and asked for confirmation I still wanted it and needed a credit card number from me. I was rather touched and surprised about the personal element.

Turned up yesterday, very well packaged.

Unpacked, opened, turned it on and starting using it. Sitting in front of me on my desk at work. Not really used it any anger.

The keys feel firm to my touch with a slight looseness around the f and g key, but to be honest, I wouldn't have noticed if I hasn't checked specifically. Compared to my HP35S (which now looks SOOOOOOOO big) the keys seem fine. The calculator looks smart and exactly how I would expect it to.

The case feels a little flimsier than the original case (but thats from memory).

It feels odd looking at a brand spanking new HP 15C.

I might now sell my HP 35S. Any interest?



My two have now arrived from Sleath's as well, one Monday and one Tuesday, apparently due to an error when the first was sent, but rectified with no trouble.

To my relief, both passed the keyboard test, I'd say if anything the key click is slightly more positive than either my HP35s or 2007 vintage 12C. The case fit is tighter than the 12C, but not enough to be a problem.

LE numbers are 16110 and 17647, both with 2011 week 51 serial numbers. The LE numbers I've seen posted seemed to jump from up to 3000 for the first (US) batch, to 10000+ for all the subsequent ones, I wonder what happened to the ones in the gap, does anyone have one? I suppose the post-recall batch might have been re-numbered, but I would have expected that to be done with the serial numbers not the LE numbers.

Despite the PSE issue and others, I'm still very pleased to have a scientific Voyager on the desk in front of me, not something I ever really expected to see without a big investment via TAS.


There are plenty of USA suffix ABA units with LE #s between 3000 and 10000. All of these were produced in the same time frame as the first 3000, but were released later after going through additional QC to weed out the bad ones. These are all distinguished by having a seal on the outer plastic package and an errata sheet for the self-tests. I bought 3 of these with LE #s 6487, 6915 and 7117, and they all had date codes 132. There are also reported to be a few replacements with LE #s in the 10000 to 13000 range, presumably for the ones that were discarded. So, it appears that 10000 were made for the USA market and less than 20000 all told for the world market. At this time it appears that the entire USA market is secondary.


It feels like leather but smells like something completely different, to avoid a bad word. Nonetheless, it looks gentle, fits well, and is quite sturdy.


Thanks for the info', I'd missed that the later US batch had those numbers. The current European models also have the seal, but get a manual with corrected self tests.

In Britain, I'm only aware of one retailer offering the 15CLE so far (stock only arrived here last week), and they had around a dozen available in stock after fulfilling pre-orders.


CNA151011Z; LE No 17906 for the record....

Mine is CNA14801S2

LE No 10644

Bought from an Italian seller on January 27, 2012. Strange, here in Italy I got an older model than yours.


-- Antonio

Edited: 16 Feb 2012, 8:26 a.m.


Which Italian seller did you buy it from? This is the first hp calculator I have bought outside Italy. I used to buy calculators from a shop and also have the possibility to try few of them before buying one, so there was no chance to get a defective one. I can't do this anymore, it seems you can only buy online now.


I couldn't try my model before buying it, but it seems perfect, apart the rattling of the 'f' and 'g' keys.

I could write here the shop's mail, if I was sure I can. But if you are in a hurry, write me privately, and I'll transmit it to you. In the meantime, I can get some info, and if they let me, I'll share this shop with MoHPC, although I cannot believe an Italian small shop in a peripehrical small town can beat any UK shop... ;-)


(scrivi pure in italiano, se mi scrivi privatamente...)

-- Antonio


In Britain, I'm only aware of one retailer offering the 15CLE so far (stock only arrived here last week), and they had around a dozen available in stock after fulfilling pre-orders.

Calculators Direct are now also offering the 15C LE.

I noted that Sleath's stock went down from 15 on Monday to 10 today - that's faster than what I've seen their stock go down on other HP calcs.

edit: What's interesting is that neither are selling the 12C 30th AE (I remember they did seem to have stock of the 12C Plat 25th AE well into 2010 - a slow seller?).

Edited: 17 Feb 2012, 7:07 a.m.


Credo sia un certo "sovrano delle calcolatrici"... ;)



Ok, found it! Grazie!
the 15CLE is listed at €140, which converts it to £116.694. So, it is cheaper here at moment.

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