New Devil for 2012

You would no doubt indulge my calling it Devil - as a friendly nickname for the HP-IL Development Module, a good old friend.

This module has a few wonders inside, like the SCOPE mode - a monumental tribute to the MCODE demi-gods. But if you've ever looked under the hood you'd be surprised to see how EMPTY that module is, really - with almost 3k blank it barely qualifies as an 8k module.

So I set forth to adding a few complementary functions to it, mainly launchers to group all related functions into a few ones - similar idea to the concept used in the CL-UTILS, if you're familiar with those.

Since there still was a lot of available room I included Ed Keefe's 16C Emulator in the upper ROM, changing all those Advantage Functions to the HP-IL Devl equivalents. This proved to be a nice exercise, as the upper page is totally self-contained, thus it leds itself to the 4k "DIGIT_PAC" ROM.

In summary, both the "DIGITPAC" and "HPIL-DEVL+" modules are now available as New Year's present to all who care. Soon in a TOS near you.


BTW maybe somebody can explain to me why the HP-IL Devl module image locks-up V41? There's nothing wrong with the code for the polling points, so it must be V41's fault?

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