Emmanuel Compes

Emmanuel (3e0_rtn) sells through ebay in these days... Take care:
I still did not get the EPROMS I paid for 3 years ago (certainly all provable by emails, sorry)


However I had some deals with him.
He was reliable and helpful.
I know that he only ship to UE.
In the past he got problems with guys. They refused to pay customs taxes and/or to recover registered mails.
FYI he was also selling in july and august.
Why waiting 3 years? Did you ask for ebay protection? Did you pay him through paypal? Did you contact him?
If you want, I can tell him.

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Emmanuel Site


I had a bad experience with Emmanuel, and doubt his integrity. A few years ago I was selling a rare HP-41C 3rd-party item (ZEPROM) on ebay. A previous bidder had put in a bid well above any previous bids, and his highest bid was therefore not yet 'disclosed' by ebay. Very near to the auction's end, Emmanuel placed about a dozen successive bids on my item, each $5 to $10 more than the last, until he exposed the other bidder's maximum bid, and then he immediately retracted ALL of his bids, claiming he had entered the wrong amount! I challenged him on it, fearing claims of bid manipulation from the original high bidder, and he claimed that his son was bidding for him on ebay and made a mistake!

At best, this person is dishonest and unreliable. Using Google to search this site for his name turns up many hits, most of them warnings and descriptions of bad experienes, few of them endorsements.

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