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The latest installment: Part 14 (Complex Numbers)

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Now that's a good and useful blog right there. Thanks.


The comparison of the two methods to enter complex numbers confused me slightly because in the first example you start with a stack [x y z t], enter a and b and end up with [a+ib x y y], while in the second example you start with [y z t ?]. Why? I'd start with [x y z t] as well and end up with [a+ib x y z] instead.

As I always considered the stack as the interface to communicate with the calculator I don't esteem your solution to solve the quadratic equation much. You can do it without storing any numbers into registers. See message 2 in:
Short quadratic solver (HP-15C)

To solve your first example you'd just enter the three coefficients of the quadratic equation and run the program:


Both solutions are now on the stack. You can use x<>y and (i) to display them. Bonus: the same program can also be used for real coefficients.

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