Meindert's MLDL2000

Meindert's MLDL2000 new version ?


Currently I am struggling with available time to finish the design, and with the more than welcome 'competition' of the 41CL (looking forward to receiving my own unit). I seriously doubt if I will have enough potential users to justify a cost effective production run.

With other platforms on the horizon (I sincerely hope that Eric's ARM version of the DIY Calculator will see the light) the MLDL2000 will have very limited added value, apart from offering a nice interface to today's PC world with USB.

Of course I welcome positive feedback that could increase my motivation to finish this project.



Whenever you and others will have the opportunity and our motivation to acquire new items. I wait


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I too am interested in your MLDL2000 as I want an easy and simple interface with a PC to load and use with my 41Cs. I got my 41cl board last week and should receive my refurbished 41CV today (it was handed to me as I was writing this. Thank you Geoff!).

One area you can probably address, since you're getting your own 41cl, is the ability to add and manipulate ROM images on the cl. If your software could talk to both your hardware and a 41cl with a serial port, that would peak my interest even more. Also, I can migrate your hardware to any 41c that I own so I see that as another advantage.

I've never looked at only one solution for my needs and when I have more than one way to do it, I consider that an advantage. Please consider continuing your development of the MLDL2000. I for one still want one.

Thank you,


I am optimistic about these new things for the 41, but the problem of time-module availability puts quite a damper on the CL for me. I've been watching TAS for a long time and not a single time module has come up. When it does, I'm definitely not going to pay $389 like you-know-who likes to charge, trying apparently to prop up the market. I'd also have to buy another 41, since mine is a 41cx halfnut. So I'd say keep going with the MLDL2000 projects.

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I picked up a time module at TAS at the end of September for $85 for use with my 41CL.


Yes they are scarce but not impossible - last month I got a combo TIME Module + SCHENK Module + CV, all together for 155 Euro...

sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a (coco)nut!


the ability to add and manipulate ROM images on the cl

I for one very much appreciate the MLDL2k and sure enough will love to see a new version coming out - but the CL is already capable to manipulate the ROM images, either in RAM or Flash - without any external accessory.

What I'd love to see is a "front end" (for lack of a better word) that could connect the actual 41 to a V41-like program on the PC - on a one-to-one fashion, all through the USB bus.

So it's probably a pipe-dream thing, but wouldn't it be nice to replace the current MLDL2k Manager with an intelligent shell on the PC that actually drove the machine and would be driven by it?


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