Cheapest HP-32SII sold on ebay today in a long time

Had a buy it now of $25.

Oh well. A competitor beat me to it. :-(



Yes, there are a few good deals left if you are willing to hunt them down, and have a little luck. Also on Ebay, in the past 45 days, were other 32SII calcs acquired for: $30 (mint), $50 (mint), $49 (NIP) and $49.50 (NIP). And still I see people paying over $175 for one. Amazing.


Not to mention a New-In-Box HP32S (not SII) for just $50.00 a couple of months or so ago.

By the way, am I the only one who feels the HP32S to be actually better than the 'improved' 32SII ? I'm talking
about physical characteristics (ruggedness, materials,
colours, display) as well as technical ones (much more
elegant layout, less bugs, much less keyboard cluttering,


Well, not quite amazing. In Germany it was possible to get the HP32Sii from regular retailers for a price of about 75 Euros (= approx. 75 US$) until only a few days ago; but note that we are talking about new versions with new color scheme (green/purple)! I however felt that older version machines (orange/blue color scheme) sold for a lot more as they probably are much more rare. So, I think your comparison is not quite fair as it's too simple: There might be 32sii's worth 175 $ but others which are not ... at least in the eyes of dedicated collectors :-)


I agree on your preference for the 32s over the sII -- mainly because of keyboard clutter. And the few features added to the sII are ones I rarely use. I'm not a "real" collector, and my sII's are relegated to toolbox and glove compartment. My 32s is on my desk at work, and gets used most often.

With regard to occasionaly high eBay prices, maybe someone convinced NASA that 32sII's are essential to keep the Shuttle fleet operational.


I've just been using the 32S for a month for replacement of my 32Sii, I agree that the 32S is simpler in the keyboard layout, although it has nested menus. What I like most is 32S has only one shift key, it is simpler to my mind. For me, the 32S is just perfect. For some techie people probably the 32Sii is more interesting.



Hi John,

I use a new 32SII daily. I thought that the only bugs had been ironed out long ago (see You say it is more buggy than a 32S - what bugs are you referring to? Is there a published list?



> You say it is more buggy than a 32S - what bugs are you
> referring to? Is there a published list?

No, I was referring to the well-known 'fractions'
bugs mentioned in finseth, which I understand were removed
long time ago.

Anyway, bugs or no bugs, I still think the 32S
to be the better machine, IMHO of course.


Anyone knows why the 32s was replaced by 32sii in only 3 years after introduction?


From the graphical time line I put up some time ago it looks like there may have been a gap in the work load for the engineers just after the HP48S(X), HP17Bii and HP19Bii were launched in 1990. The HP32Sii came out in 1991. Perhaps they spent their time 'improving' the HP32S using some of the styling from the 48 series?

I'd guess soon after the HP32Sii was launched some of the calculator staff were re-allocated to other parts of HP, leaving behind a core staff to look after the HP48 series.

Just a guess by putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5... ;-)


Tom wrote Just a guess by putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5...

Did you use a TI for that calculation? My HP's all show 4! ;->

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