New TI-PPP discovered!

It is not from HP but might be from interest for you, too.

Texas Instruments is in the process of moving the Educational Department and the employees started some house cleaning. One employee discovered a never released prototype - and it arrived less than 10 minutes ago here at the Datamath Calculator Museum.

It is a real triple-P:

One P for Programmable

One P for Printing

One P for Prototype

I would guess that it was developed about 20 years ago, later than e.g. the HP-41C.

It will be featured in December in the Museum - today just a small teaser:

Have a great weekend.



"P" on it. It's not Polish!
One interesting thing about being the TI historian; there's a lot more models for you to find than for Dave.
See you this spring. - db


Yet has it a nice [ENTER] key ;-))

See you in Spring.

Have a great weekend,



Cool. Always interesting to see something new (or something old, as the case may be.)



this is fantastic, an undocumented prototype?


Not a single word about it on WWW...

Serial number in handwriting: T02



i won't rest till i have T01 in my hands. even if the enter key doesn't work.

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