Somewhat OT: Casio calculator reccomendation

Hi All,

In the past I have seen postings that praised the Casio 9860Gii and the Casio FX-CG10 on this forum. I have also been led to believe that they have a very nice software development kit but that it is only available after you have registered your calculator (so I can't get a look at it's capabilities before purchase). I have searched a little online but have been able to find very little information on the SDK but I also believe that there is not much difference between these two machines SDK wise other than support for the newer screen on the FX-CG10.

So here is my question: If you were going to buy one of these to play around with which would it be? Any information or links to additional info on these two machines and their SDK(s) would be much appreciated.




I think Katie knows about the SDK for these, I'm sure she will reply. I've used the fx-9860g Slim for a few years now. It is a compact speedy machine with the best backlight I've ever seen on a calculator. I also evaluated the Casio color Prizm for a month, and its graphics were out of this world. It also had a very good way to write programs (in Casio BASIC) on the PC and easily download them to the calc.

If I was going to do some serious work, I would choose the Prizm, although the few programs I wrote ran significantly slower on the Prizm than on the slim. Katie said that is probably due to the Prizm OS being larger and more complex than that of the slim.


Hi Don,

Thanks you for your feedback. Yes, I have seen comments by Katie on these units in the past. I am hoping that she will step in with some advice <g>.




You can download the SDK for the 9860g starting here. After you click Accept you'll get to a page that you can check off all the documentation and software that you want. The SDK is listed under the 9860g section and you can download it after you clock Next. However I don't see a separate SDK for the CG series.

If you follow this thread you discover a group of Prizm uses that have developed their own "mini-SDK" using a different tool chain.

I have a 9860G and have read the manual for the CG10/20 and found very little difference other than support for the color display. We've discussed the differences in a bit more here but the various Casio forums have more detail.


Thanks Katie,

I'll try the links you suggested.




I tried the Casio SDK link and while I can download the manuals the SDK needs registration info that I don't have. Some codes that come off the calculator. However, the manuals will provide a good start.



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