New version of 41Z - adds ZSTO Math

just to proof that the 34S is not the only one getting constant and frequent enhancements :-)

New version (aptly labeled "9J") adds ZSTO math functions (/,-,*, and /) - as well as

- expanded all-MCODE ZGAMMA function, now supporting Re(z)<0 using analytical continuation,

- Z^3 function - with higher accuracy than Z^X

- new launcher to access the ZSTO math functions

- FOCAL program to calculate cubic equation roots, and

- FOCAL program to calculate Rieman's Zeta.

- optimized code for Bessel functions (FOCAL) - using the new ZSTO math additions, which is how this came into being.

We lost a couple of functions due to the 64-FAT entries limitation, as follows:

1. IMAGINE, it was a header function, not much of a loss there

2. Z<>V, superceded by Z<>ST with argument =3

3. Z/I, easily replaceable with Z*I, then ZNEG

All available in a meager 8k ROM...

Soon available at a TOS near you.


Edited: 21 Oct 2011, 2:26 p.m.

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