Corrosion ... best way to remove?

I have vinegar, alcohol and water.

Suggestions? Geoff's book suggests soak in white vinegar first, then alcohol then rinse in water.



youve got mail.

Remove the label first. then photo copy it, clean up the photocopy and photocopy the result. Thats if you are OCD.

Cheers, Geoff



You can use this mixture to resolve which is mostly Copper Oxide:
•1/4 cup white vinegar (dilute acetic acid)
•1 teaspoon salt (NaCl)

If you have any left over solution, put your old pennies in there, they will come out shiny clean too :)



There is also a product called evaporust that works pretty good. Also check the brownell's website i think they have something also.


The real question is why is this huge thing hanging on the ceiling above my head and how I will get enough vinegar up there to clean it up.


Remove the label first. then photo copy it, clean up the photocopy and photocopy the result. Thats if you are OCD.

It is also possible to remove/desolder the terminal contacts,
clean the corrosion by sandblasting (vibratory/rotary tumbler
should work, haven't tried) and re-plate the nickel surface.
Once the plating barrier is gone the base metal (phosphor bronze,
steel, etc..) is subject to substantial oxidation. Even tinning
via solder is better than leaving the base metal exposed IMHO
as the oxide scrubs off more readily during cell insertion.



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