SAM-BA 2.10 for Linux not working.

Has any been able to flash the 30b with sam-ba 2.10 for Linux on a Linux machine with real serial port or a USB to serial adapter? I have tried both and in both instances it fails to connect. However kermit can use the serial port just fine.

I have also had no luck with Windows XP or 7 with a USB to Serial.



Try the new MySamBa (to be found on SF) on Windows. It may work under Wine, too.


Is the source there, to port it to Linux? I couldn't find it.


The source is in Delphi so I doubt this is possible. I need Cyrille's approval to give it away.


Did you use the SAMBA without the "_cdc" tag?


Unless there's something unusual about the code, it shouldn't be too hard to do a Linux port. Permission is the more serious issue.

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