missing segments on 20b running 34s

No complaint here, this is a question.

Has anyone else noticed missing segments that fail and then come back during another use? The ones that fail seem to be the lower segments of both lines, but as i said, it is an intermittent electrical problem. It's as if hp has subcontracted Lucas to make the display.

New batteries did not cure the problem.


Sounds like a hardware problem to me. I've not noticed anything like this on either my 20b or 30b.

- Pauli


Nor did I.


Yes. I'd bet it is a hardware problem too. Well, i dodged the bullet on the 15c issues but i have the only imperfect screen in the 20/30b series. I can live with that. Maybe it will be worth something on ebaby someday.

"Hewlet (sic) Packard Calculator with the RARE UNIQUE ONE-OF-A-KIND Ghost Screen. L@@k!!!!!"


Hopefully, you can add then: "They are not made this way anymore!"

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